8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil
8011 aluminum foil

8011 Aluminum Foil

  • Alloy: 8011 aluminum foil
  • Temper:O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,etc.
  • Width(mm):100-1600
  • Thickness(mm): 0.006-0.20
  • Length(mm): C


8011 Aluminum Foil

The Introduction of 8011 Aluminum Foil

8011 Aluminum foil has mature production technology, stable quality, and excellent mechanical properties such as elongation and tensile strength. It is used in the production of various single and double zero foils, bottle cap punching materials, air conditioner foil radiator fin materials, architectural decoration and other fields, it is a product with a wide range of uses and a large amount of aluminum foil.Click to Order

8011 Household aluminum foil, alloy temper: 8011-O; typical thickness: 0.008-0.02; Used for food preservation, barbecue, aviation, hotel catering and kitchen cleaning.

8011 Aluminum hose foil, alloy temper: 8011-O, 1060-O; typical thickness: 0.012-0.02; Use: after composite printing with PE, it is used to process toothpaste, ointment, cosmetics and other cream product packaging.

8011 Aluminum heat sealing foil, alloy temper: 8011-O; typical thickness: 0.025-0.05 (single-sided or double-sided); Use: after processing such as printing or painting, it is used for the packaging of dairy products such as fresh milk and yogurt.

8011 Aluminum container foil, alloy temper: 8011-H24, 3003-H24, 8011-H22; typical thickness: 0.02-0.20; Use: semi-rigid containers for food packaging after refilling.

8011 Air conditioner aluminum foil, alloy temper: 3102, 8011-H22/H24/H26; typical thickness: 0.08-0.2; Use: making heat conduction fins for air conditioner heat exchangers, and can provide hydrophilic aluminum foil products.

8011 Cable aluminum foil, alloy temper: 8011-O; typical thickness: 0.1~0.2; Used to coat high-voltage cables after aluminum-plastic compounding.

8011 Aluminum tape foil, alloy temper: 8011-O, 1235-O; typical thickness: 0.01-0.05; Used for various types of transformers, mobile phones, computers, PDAs, PDPs, LED displays, notebook computers, copiers, etc. place where electromagnetic shielding is required in electronic products.

8011 Aluminum industrial foil, alloy temper: 8011-O/H18; Used for waterproofing and shielding.

  • 8011 aluminum foil
  • 8011 aluminum foil
  • 8011 aluminum foil
  • 8011 aluminum foil

The Product Specification of 8011 Aluminum Foil

Alloy 8011 aluminum foil
Temper O,H14,H16,H18,H19,H22,H24,etc.
Thickness(mm) 0.006-0.2
Width(mm) 100-1600
Length(mm) C
ID 76mm,152mm,408mm,508mm or customized
Surface Mill finish, coated
Standard ASTM-B-209M,BS EN 485-2,BS EN 573-3,GB/T3880-2008
Certificate Mill Test Certificate, Certificate of origin: Form A, Form E, CO
Package Export standard, Eye to sky or eye to wall
Application Medicine foil, tape foil, cable foil, lunch box material, food foil, air conditioner aluminum foil, etc.

The Product Features of 8011 Aluminum Foil

  • The surface of 8011 aluminum foil is clean, uniform in color, free of spots and holes.
  • 8011 Aluminum foil has excellent moisture-proof performance, light-shielding and extremely high barrier ability.
  • 8011 aluminum foil has strong mechanical properties, high explosion-proof performance, strong puncture resistance and tear resistance.
  • 8011 aluminum foil is non-toxic and no smell, safe and hygienic.

The Application of 8011 Aluminum Foil

8011 Aluminum foil products are stable in performance and widely used. They are often used in household foil, container foil, air conditioner foil, pharmaceutical foil, flexible packaging, heat sealing, beer labels, etc.

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