How to install aluminum jacketing for pipes?

2024-06-28 16:29:30

Pipes play an important role in our lives. They have functions such as water supply, gas supply and drainage in industry and agriculture. In order to protect the pipes from corrosion and damage, we have to arrange a layer of “protective armor”. Aluminum jacketing is the best choice for the pipe protective layer.

Flait Aluminum can produce 1060 aluminum jacketing insulation roll, 3003 aluminum jacketing insulation roll, 5052 aluminum jacketing insulation roll, and so on. Aluminum jacketing is available in mill finish, smooth, stucco embossed surface finishes, with moisture barrier consisting of polysurlyn and composite kraft paper. Our aluminum jacketing insulation roll have beautiful appearance and smooth appearance, can be well adapted to the use of pipe insulation packaging. If you have special needs or need customized production, please contact us for consultation.

Features of aluminum jacketing for pipes

  • Anti-corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Strong and durable, good pressure resistance
  • Convenient manufacturing and construction
  • Low material cost
aluminum jacketing for pipes

How to install aluminum jacketing for pipes?

  • Tools prepared before installation

Aluminum jacketing, self-tapping screws (length not more than 15mm), 4×13 core-pulling rivets. Rolling machine, rounding machine, electric drill, scissors, steel ruler, tape measure, wallpaper knife, scaffolding and accessories, lighting fixtures, etc.

  • Installation process

1. Measurement and cutting

First, you need to measure the length of the pipeline, and then cut the material according to the 30mm overlap length of the outer circumference of the pipeline insulation layer.

2. Rolling

Form the material on the rolling machine, and then press the edge circumferentially and transversely on the edge pressing machine.

3. Wrapping

Wrap the aluminum jacketing that has been formed tightly on the outside of the pipeline insulation layer. It should be noted here that the overlap seam should be kept in the same direction!

4. Tapping fixation

Fix with self-tapping screws (or blind rivets) near the rolling edge. After tapping, the surface of the aluminum jacketing is flat and there is no unevenness;

Self-tapping screw spacing:

When the pipe diameter is ≤100, the horizontal spacing is 100mm, and the spacing between the nail and the lap edge is 10mm;

When the pipe diameter is >100, the horizontal spacing is 150mm, and the spacing between the nail and the lap edge is 15mm.

Precautions for the installation of aluminum jacketing for pipes

  • The aluminum jacketing must be tightly wrapped with the pipe.
  • The center must be on the same line, and the size of the aluminum sheets on both sides must be the same.
  • There must be no less than 2 fixing screws on each elbow.
  • The flange and the reducer should be made into “large and small heads” and cannot be made into a bite shape.


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