5052 H32 Aluminum Sheet Plate 4′ x 8′

2024-07-01 16:55:32

5052 H32 4′ x 8′ aluminum sheet plate is one of the most popular and widely used aluminum alloy products of FLAIT ALUMINUM. This aluminum sheet has high market recognition, skilled processing technology, stable product performance, good forming and processing performance, and corrosion resistance.

5052 H32 aluminum sheet plate belongs to the Al-Mg alloy series. H32 means that this aluminum sheet has been strain hardened and partially annealed, with medium strength and good formability. This product is a widely used rust-proof aluminum, commonly used in aerospace, shipbuilding, automotive industry and other fields, and can also be used in trolley cases, LCD backplanes, high-voltage switch housings, etc.

Specification of 5052 H32 aluminum sheet plate



Thickness:0.125″ -12″

Regular size:4′ x 8′,5′ x10′

Surface:Smooth on both sides,Anodized

Standard:GB/T3880, GJB1541, GJB2662, STMB209, ASME SB-209, EN485, ASTMB928M

Note: 5052 aluminum sheet plate can also be customized in non-standard sizes according to customer needs. Therefore, it is best to confirm with us before purchasing 5052 aluminum sheet to ensure that you get the aluminum sheet size that suits your needs.

5052 H32 aluminum sheet plate

Performance advantages of 5052 H32 aluminum sheet plate

  • 5052-H32 aluminum plate has high plasticity, corrosion resistance, and is suitable for use in marine environments.
  • The surface of the 5052-H32 aluminum sheet is free of peeling, bubbles, roughness, and local mechanical damage. The surface of the aluminum plate is free of cracks, corrosion spots, and traces of nitrate.
  • Flait Aluminum’s 5052-H32 aluminum plate has precise dimensions and is cut without burrs. The plate can be made 2650mm wide and 600mm thick.

There are many manufacturers supplying 5052 H32 aluminum plates on the market. When choosing, you may wish to contact several suppliers, ask about the specifications and sizes, and compare prices, delivery times and shipping options to find the best option for your needs. FLAIT ALUMINUM is a large-scale modern aluminum production enterprise integrating processing and manufacturing. Its products include 1-8 series aluminum plates, aluminum coils, aluminum strips and aluminum foils. The specifications are complete, customized, reliable, and the price is favorable. You can contact us for quotes and free samples. Click to Order


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