1050 1060 1070 pure aluminum sheets for radiator fins

2024-06-28 10:14:24

Radiators are one of the commonly used accessories for electronic products, and are mostly made of aluminum or aluminum alloy. Whether it is pure aluminum or aluminum alloy, they have many excellent characteristics, such as good thermal conductivity, fast heat dissipation, and low price. Commonly used pure aluminum materials include 1050 aluminum sheet, 1060 aluminum sheet, and 1070 aluminum sheet.

Pure aluminum sheet has a high aluminum content and a low density. It has good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity and is one of the commonly used materials for electronic radiators.

1050 1060 1070 pure aluminum sheets

Advantages of 1050 1060 1070 pure aluminum sheets for radiator fins

◆Good heat dissipation performance: The thermal conductivity of pure aluminum is about 237 W/mK, which is much higher than other common metals such as iron (80 W/mK), and can quickly conduct and dissipate heat.

◆Light weight: The density of aluminum is low, about 1/3 of copper, which makes aluminum radiators lighter, easier to install and transport.

◆Economical price: Compared with other metals such as copper, the price of aluminum is relatively low, and the use of pure aluminum can reduce the cost of radiators.

◆Easy to process: Aluminum has good plasticity and ductility, and is easy to process into heat sinks of various shapes.

◆Corrosion resistance: A dense oxide film will form on the surface of aluminum, providing a certain degree of corrosion resistance

The difference between 1050 1060 and 1070 pure aluminum plates for radiator fins

1050 pure aluminum sheet for radiator fins

1050 aluminum sheet contains more than 99.5% aluminum, has good plastic deformation ability and corrosion resistance, good thermal conductivity, and is suitable for general heat dissipation needs, but has low strength and is suitable for light-load radiators.

1060 pure aluminum sheet for radiator fins

1060 aluminum sheet contains more than 99.6% aluminum, has better thermal conductivity than 1050 pure aluminum, has better heat dissipation effect, and is widely used in various radiators, especially in occasions with high thermal conductivity requirements. It has a slightly higher strength than 1050 aluminum sheet and can be used for medium-load radiators.

1070 pure aluminum sheet for radiator fins

1070 aluminum sheet has the highest aluminum content and the best thermal conductivity, which is suitable for high-demand heat dissipation applications. Although the strength may be slightly lower than that of 1060 aluminum sheet, the processing difficulty is the greatest among the three, and the cost is relatively high.

For most radiator fin applications, 1060 aluminum sheet is a good choice, which strikes a good balance between thermal conductivity and cost. If you have higher requirements for heat dissipation performance, you can consider 1070 aluminum sheet. For cost-sensitive or low heat dissipation applications, 1050 aluminum sheet is also a good choice. When choosing, you need to consider factors such as heat dissipation requirements, cost budget and product positioning. FLAIT ALUMINUM is a large aluminum sheet manufacturer. Its products cover 1-8 series aluminum sheet alloy materials. It supplies aluminum sheets for radiators. It has mature technology and stable quality. Welcome to consult and purchase! Click to Order


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