1060 3003 5052 Aluminum Insulation Jacketing Roll

2023-08-10 09:40:54

Aluminum jacketing coil roll is also called insulation aluminum coil roll, is often used in equipment insulation and pipeline insulation projects. It refers to adding a layer of aluminum skin outside the insulation material to reduce heat loss and bring better insulation effects. For equipment insulation, the aluminum skin insulation system can reduce the impact of the external low temperature environment on the equipment, greatly reduce energy consumption and loss, and thus bring higher economic benefits. Insulation and energy saving are of great significance in industrial production and life. It is widely used in electric power, chemical industry and other industries equipment, tanks, pipeline anticorrosion and heat preservation. Our aluminum insulation jacketing roll has smooth surface, no oil stain, no color difference, uniform thickness, flat plate without waves.

The more commonly used aluminum jacketing coil roll are: 1060 thermal insulation aluminum coil (pure aluminum skin), 3003 aluminum skin (rust-proof aluminum skin), 5052 aluminum coil (corrosion-resistant aluminum skin), etc. The insulation jacket aluminum coil produced by Flait aluminum has beautiful and smooth appearance, can be well applied to the insulation and packaging of pipes, etc. The common width of aluminum insulation jacketing coil roll is 1 meter, and the thickness is according to the mechanical needs. The conventional thickness is 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0mm. In order to facilitate the construction, the thermal insulation aluminum coil is guided from the large coil to the small roll. The weight of the conventional small roll is 50kg, and some generally weigh no more than 70kg for the convenience of construction. The temper of the aluminum jacketing coil roll is H24, (medium-hard).

1060 aluminum jacketing coil roll is a pure aluminum, with an aluminum content greater than or equal to 99.6%. It is an ordinary aluminum coil for thermal insulation. It is relatively cheap and has a wide range of applications, such as: waterproofing of ordinary buildings and thermal insulation and rust prevention of municipal pipelines. However, 1060 pure aluminum coils are not resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and are not suitable for heat preservation of equipment and pipelines in power plants and chemical plants.

3003 aluminum jacketing coil roll is an aluminum-manganese alloy, with a manganese content of about 1.12, which is good in rust and corrosion resistance. The strength, rust resistance and corrosion resistance of 3003 aluminum coils are higher than 1060 aluminum coils; the price also is higher than1060, which belongs to the mid-end products in the thermal insulation aluminum skin. It is mostly used for heat preservation of refrigeration equipment, storage tanks, pressure vessels and pipes, heat sinks, etc.

5052 aluminum jacketing coil roll is aluminum-magnesium alloy, with higher hardness and better rust and corrosion resistance. The price of this series of thermal insulation aluminum coils is higher than 1060 and 3003 aluminum coils. 5052 aluminum coil has high strength, plasticity, good corrosion resistance, good fatigue relief, and can be welded and processed. It is regarded as a more promising aluminum insulation jacketing coil roll. 5052 aluminum jacketing coils are used in occasions that have strict requirements on the performance of aluminum coils, such as height, fatigue resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., such as maritime, shipbuilding, chemical industry, electric power, nuclear power, aviation, aerospace and other fields.

1060 3003 5052 Aluminum Insulation Jacketing Roll 1060 3003 5052 Aluminum Insulation Jacketing Roll 1060 3003 5052 Aluminum Insulation Jacketing Roll 1060 3003 5052 Aluminum Insulation Jacketing Roll

What is the cause of oxidation and corrosion of aluminum insulation jacketing roll?

Oxidation under normal conditions means that after the aluminum coil is used, for example, after it is wrapped on a pipe, the surface of the aluminum coil will be completely in contact with the air to form a layer of oxide film, which will protect the aluminum coil, so after use, even if it is sprayed again rain, outdoor exposure, aluminum coil will not corrode.

Corrosive oxidation means that before the aluminum coil is used, because of the packaged state of the coil, the surface of the aluminum coil is not completely in contact with the air, and the protective layer has not yet formed, the moisture in the humidity will chemically react with the surface of the aluminum coil, causing corrosion of the aluminum coil. Corrosion marks will appear on the corroded aluminum coil. However, after this kind of corrosion occurs, there will be no secondary damage to the aluminum coil. There is no problem with the aluminum coil itself, but the appearance is damaged.

How to avoid oxidation corrosion of aluminum insulation jacketing roll?

  1. Thermal insulation aluminum coils should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, not in a humid place, such as: workshops, warehouses where there is rain or snow on the roof. After the aluminum coils are unpacked, the remaining aluminum coils still need to be used sealed package, placed in a dry and ventilated place.
  2. Strengthen the management of air drying to ensure that there is no water in the compressed air.
  3. The packaging of aluminum foil rolls should be sealed, and each roll should be filled with an appropriate amount of desiccant.
  4. When transporting from a low-temperature area to an area with high temperature and high humidity, do not open the sealed package immediately.
  5. Strengthen the management of rolling oil, and control its water content below 0.04%.
  6. The humidity of the wooden shaft and box board of the packing box is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packaged colored aluminum coil is not more than 45°C.

How to pack and transport aluminum insulation jacketing roll?

According to the needs of customers, the thermal insulation aluminum skin can be packaged in whole rolls or divided into small rolls. For the convenience of customers’ construction and use, please inform us in advance; When dividing into small rolls, the paper core is used to prevent the small rolls from being deformed or bent due to extrusion; the aluminum coil should be sealed with plastic cloth, and the seal should be sealed with transparent tape to prevent water vapor from entering and causing the aluminum coil to corrode and discolor; The outer packaging is tightly packed with a thick paper shell, and a layer of kraft paper can be added between the plastic cloth and the paper shell to increase the protection effect; the packaged aluminum coil is placed on a wooden pallet and reinforced with a steel strip.

When loading the vehicle, do not let the aluminum coil be squeezed, especially the small coil, which is prone to bending or collapse, which will affect the normal use; although it is tightly packaged, it is inevitable that the package will be damaged during loading and transportation, so pay attention to the aluminum coil. Do not pour water on the roll to prevent water from entering the aluminum roll; do not place objects on the aluminum roll, especially small rolls without paper cores, which are easily deformed and affect the construction and use.

The price of thermal insulation aluminum coil?

Flait Aluminum provides many types and specifications of aluminum insulation jacketing roll, which can be customized according to the needs, and the selection range is wide.

We have rich production experience, professional research and development, perfect after-sales system, reasonable configuration of production plan, fast production cycle and timely delivery. We are able to recommend the most suitable and cost-effective materials according to the needs, uses and usage environments of different customers.
Our quotation model is: Shanghai nonferrous metal price SMM + processing cost + transportation cost.

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