8011 O/H22 Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil

2024-03-05 17:32:38

Air conditioning aluminum foil is also called air conditioning fin aluminum foil and hydrophilic aluminum foil. Coating colors are bare, blue and gold. Air conditioning aluminum foil is mainly used in heat exchange equipment, refrigeration equipment, radiators, condensers and evaporators; it has the advantages of good shape, good coating performance, high adhesion, good hydrophilicity, and good corrosion resistance. Hydrophilicity of air conditioning aluminum foil is very strong, the evaporator and condenser can easily produce condensed water; The condensed water will spread quickly on the surface of the hydrophilic aluminum foil, and will not gather together and form water droplets, and then the condensed water adheres to the hydrophilic aluminum foil and flows into the drainage system, can effectively improve the heat dissipation effect.

8011 air conditioning aluminum foil is an excellent thermal conductive material and an ideal choice for air conditioning heat exchange fins. It has good thermal conductivity and can quickly transfer the cold and heat of the air conditioning system to the external environment. In addition, 8011 air conditioner aluminum foil is lightweight and corrosion-resistant, making it not easily damaged during long-term use, extending the service life of the air conditioner. 8011 air-conditioning aluminum foil is mainly used to make heat-conducting fins for air-conditioning heat exchangers. The commonly used tempers are O/HO/H22/H24/H26 and the thickness range is 0.08-0.20mm.

Air conditioning aluminum foil

Alloys: 8006/8011/3102/1100

Tempers: O/HO, H22, H24, H26, H18, etc.

Thickness: 0.08-0.20mm

Width: 100-1250mm

Length: C

Color: Blue, gold/golden, bare/pure, green, rose red, etc.

Coil ID: ¢75,¢150,¢200,¢300,¢505

Sleeve: Aluminum, carbon, steel

Packaging: wooden pallets

Standards: EN, ASTM, DIN, GB/T-3198

Application: 8011 air conditioning aluminum foil is mainly used in condensers, coolers, evaporators, radiators, heat exchangers, fin evaporators, fin condensers, etc.

8011 Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil

Why choose Flait Aluminum Air conditioning aluminum foil?

  • 1. Good thermal conductivity, odorless, environmentally friendly and competitive price;
  • 2. Low density, easy processing and stamping;
  • 3. High strength, excellent hydrophilicity and corrosion resistance;
  • 4. Good formability and no wear on the mold;
  • 5. Good stamping oil resistance, solvent resistance and heat resistance;
  • 6. Increasing the heat exchange rate by 5%;
  • 7. Reducing the noise caused by vibration;
  • 8. Long service life, not easy to deform under long-term cold or hot conditions;
  • 9. Short lead time, 24 horas services, FREE SAMPLE.


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