1060 VS 5052 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate coil

2024-03-05 18:09:17
1060 VS 5052 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate coil

1060 and 5052 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate coil, also called aluminum tread plate, aluminum textured plate, aluminum checker plate, aluminum chequer plate, pattern aluminum plate. Aluminum anti-slip plate coil is rolled with a roller press to form protruding patterns on the surface of the aluminum flat plate. 1060 & 5052 anti-slip aluminum plates sheets are mainly used for anti-skid floors. There are many types of pattern plates, such as five bars pattern aluminum plate, diamond pattern aluminum plate, 2 bars and 3 bar pattern aluminum plate, etc.

1060 VS 5052 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate coil 

1. Chemical composition

1060 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate is pure aluminum, containing up to 99.6% aluminum. Its chemical composition mainly includes aluminum and some trace metal elements, such as 0.03% magnesium, 0.05% zinc, 0.03% manganese, 0.03% titanium, 0.05% vanadium, 0.35% iron and other elements.

5052 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate belongs to the AL-Mg series alloy aluminum coil plate, which is mainly composed of aluminum (about 95%) and magnesium (about 4%), and contains a small amount of other metal elements.

2. Mechanical properties

5052 anti-slip aluminum sheet plate has higher hardness, elongation and tensile strength than 1060 anti-slip aluminum plate. Generally, the hardness of 5052 aluminum plate is usually above HB 60, the elongation is between 12-20%, and the tensile strength can reach 210-230MPa.

1060 aluminum plate also has good mechanical properties, it is slightly lower to 5052 aluminum plate in terms of hardness, elongation and tensile strength. The tensile strength of 1060 aluminum plate is between 110-130 and the elongation is 5%.

3. Surface treatment

The material composition of 1060 pattern aluminum plate and 5052 pattern aluminum plate is different, but they can both be anodized.

4. Manufacturing process

5052 checker aluminum plate is an alloy aluminum plate with complex processing technology, involving multiple steps such as casting, rolling, hot rolling, etc., requires the use of advanced equipment and technology. As a pure aluminum plate, the processing technology of 1060 checker aluminum plate is relatively simple and does not require complicated processing technology.

5. Welding performance

1060 aluminum plate has better welding performance due to the higher purity; the welding performance of 5052 aluminum plate is relatively poor, and some special processing methods are required for welding.

6. Scope of uses

1060 aluminum tread plate is usually used in ordinary environments, such as cold storage, flooring, outer packaging, etc.

5052 aluminum tread plate have high hardness, excellent corrosion resistance and anti-rust properties. It is mainly used in ships, carriage lights, and humid environments.

7. Price differences

Generally, the price of 5052 pattern aluminum plate is higher than that of 1060 pattern aluminum plate, because the production cost of 5052 aluminum plate is higher, the corrosion resistance is better, and the performance is more stable.


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