Which transformers are aluminum strips used for?

2023-12-28 16:55:56

Alloy: 1060 transformer aluminum strip

Temper: HO/O

Thickness: 0.20mm-3.00mm

Width: 20mm-1600mm

Conductivity: ≥63%

Resistivity: ≤0.028

Coil ID: 300mm, 500mm.

Note: can be customized.

1060 transformer aluminum strip

Transformer is an indispensable electrical device in the power system. It can convert voltage and current into each other and provide necessary conditions for power transmission. Aluminum strip is one of the commonly used materials in transformer manufacturing. Transformer aluminum strips are divided into different alloys, specifications, and tempers according to their uses. The alloys of transformer aluminum strips are: 1060, 1060A, 1050, 1050A, 1070, 1070A, 1350; Temper: O; Thickness between 0.08-3.00mm; known as aluminum strips and foils for dry-type transformers. The high and low voltage windings of dry-type transformers generally use 1060-O/HO aluminum strips and foils as conductive materials, which contain more than 99.6% aluminum. The electrical and thermal conductivity of aluminum is only lower than conventional metals such as copper. Since the price of copper is much higher than aluminum, aluminum strip is currently the most commonly used material for transformers.Click to Order

Which transformers are aluminum strips used for?

1. The difference between copper strip and aluminum strip

Copper tape and aluminum tape are both commonly used conductor materials in transformer manufacturing. Copper strips have good conductivity and high strength, but the cost is higher; aluminum strips have lower costs, but their strength and conductivity are slightly inferior to copper strips. Therefore, the choice of which material to use needs to be made on a case-by-case basis. Generally speaking, smaller transformers can use aluminum strips, while larger transformers require copper strips.

2. Types of transformers

Among the types of transformers, aluminum strips are often used in oil-immersed transformers, dry-type transformers and reactors. The aluminum strips in oil-immersed transformers and dry-type transformers are mainly used for wiring harnesses, while the aluminum strips in reactors are used for inner coils.

3. Power of transformer

The power of the transformer is another important factor in selecting aluminum strips. Smaller power transformers, such as household transformers, can use aluminum strips. Higher power transformers, such as power transformers, require the use of stronger copper tape.

4. Transformer operating environment

The operating environment of the transformer will also affect the use of aluminum strips. For example, if the transformer needs to operate in a high-temperature environment, the conductive properties of the aluminum strip will be affected. Therefore, in this case, copper tape is required.

5. Advantages of aluminum strips

Aluminum strips have some advantages over copper strips. First, the cost of aluminum strip is lower, which can reduce the cost of transformer manufacturing. Secondly, the aluminum strip has a smaller density and lighter weight, which can reduce the weight of the transformer. Also, the electrical conductivity of aluminum strips is also relatively good and is not susceptible to current shock.

6. Disadvantages of aluminum strips

Aluminum strips also have some disadvantages compared to copper strips. First of all, the strength and corrosion resistance of aluminum strips are slightly worse than those of copper strips. Secondly, the linear expansion coefficient of aluminum strip is larger than that of copper strip, which can easily cause deformation. Therefore, in some special cases, copper tape is required.

We can see that the application of aluminum strips in transformer manufacturing has certain limitations. It is necessary to choose whether to use aluminum strip or copper strip according to the specific situation. However, for smaller power and smaller transformers, aluminum strip is an advantageous material that can reduce manufacturing costs, reduce weight, and improve conductivity.

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