6061 aluminum plate for car chassis

2024-01-03 11:10:26
6061 aluminum plate for car chassis

Car lightweighting is the current development trend of the car industry. Aluminum alloys shine in the car industry due to their excellent material properties. Depending on the properties of the alloy, the applications of aluminum alloys in car manufacturing are also different. 6061 aluminum plate is mostly selected as car frame due to its excellent extrusion performance, high strength and good welding performance. It can also be used in car chassis. Click to Order

The chassis is the main frame of the vehicle, used to support and install the vehicle engine and its components and assemblies, forming the overall shape of the vehicle. The vehicle’s power components, including the engine, axles, gearboxes, differentials, etc., as well as the suspension system, are installed on the chassis. A good chassis can ensure the necessary prerequisite for driving safety.

The 6061 aluminum plate produced by Flait Aluminum has excellent performance, medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, and good oxidation effect. 6061 medium-thick aluminum plate eliminates internal stress, has no tendency to stress corrosion cracking, and does not deform when cut. It has excellent weldability, good corrosion resistance and cold workability. It meets the requirements of lightweighting the car while ensuring the high strength and strength of the car’s chassis. Safety, widely used in cars.

Advantages of 6061 aluminum plate for car chassis

  • Eliminate internal stress, no tendency of stress corrosion cracking, and no deformation during cutting.
  • Medium strength, good corrosion resistance, weldability, and good oxidation effect.
  • Light weight, conducive to the development of lightweight cars.
  • Safer, aluminum absorbs twice as much energy as ordinary steel.

Specifications of 6061 aluminum plate for car chassis

Alloy 6061 aluminum plate
Temper O,T4,T6,T651,F
Thickness(mm) 0.3500
Width(mm) 100-2400
Length(mm) 500-16000
Surface Bright finish, Mill finish,Anodized
Standard GB/T 3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209, or according to customer’s special requirements.
Application car decorative plate/pattern plate, car chassis protection parts, car four doors and two covers, car hub, car seat and other fields.


Mechanical properties of 6061 aluminum plate for car chassis
Alloy Temper Tensile strength (MPA) Yield strength (MPA) Elongation(%)
6061 T4 225 152 23
T6 345 190 13
T651 289 242 10


Quality of 6061 aluminum plate for car chassis

1. Composition and properties: strengthen the selection and quality control of raw materials, implement relevant standards and specifications, strictly inspect and test the compositions and properties of 6061 aluminum plate for mobile phone cases.

2. Specifications: using advanced processing technology and equipment, strengthen size control and adjustment during production process according to your actual needs, including thickness, width, length and other parameters.

3. Surface quality: the surface of 6061 aluminum plate is smooth and flat, without obvious protrusions and depressions, and no cracks, oxidation, flaws and other obvious defects.

4. Services: Flait Aluminum has a special quality inspection team, which takes pictures of customers before each shipment and provide inspection reports.

5. Package and transportation: standard export package, short production lead times, sufficient aluminum sheets in stock.


Original Source:https://www.flait-aluminum.com/Automobile-Aluminum-Sheet-Plate.html

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