Where are 5083 aluminum plate and 5182 aluminum plate used in tank trucks?

2023-12-28 16:29:13

Tank truck is a transport vehicle with a tank-shaped body, is used to transport various liquids, liquefied gases, and powdered goods. The body of an aluminum alloy tank truck is composed of a hoarding, a wave-proof board, a tank mouth, and other parts. The use of aluminum plates in tank truck body manufacturing is a future development trend. Using aluminum sheet plate to manufacture tank truck bodies can reduce the total weight of each tank truck by about 25% on the original basis, thereby reducing the inertial force of the vehicle body and improving transportation efficiency, energy saving and consumption reduction and extending the service life of the vehicle. Commonly used tank truck aluminum plates are: 5083 aluminum plate, 5182 aluminum plate, 5454 aluminum plate, 5754 aluminum plate and 5052 aluminum plate.Click to Order

5083 tank truck aluminum plate is mainly used for tank body. The tank body is made of 5083-H111 aluminum plate. The tank lids on both sides are made of 5083-O aluminum plate. The O temper is softer. The lid needs to be bent. The partition part is also made of 5083-O aluminum plate. Of course, some manufacturers use 5454-H111 aluminum plates to produce tanks. 5083 aluminum plate for tank truck with high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, good weldability, light weight, etc.

5182 tank truck aluminum plate is mainly used for low-load parts that require high plasticity, good weldability and work in liquid or gas media, such as fuel tanks, gasoline or lubricating oil conduits, liquid containers and other small-load parts made by deep drawing. Thin plates can be used to process can lids, automobile body panels, control panels, reinforcements, brackets and other parts.

5083 aluminum plate and 5182 aluminum plate used in tank trucks

Specification of 5083 aluminum plate and 5182 aluminum plate for tank trucks

Alloy    Temper   Thickness(mm)  Width(mm)  Length(mm)
 5083  O/H111/H112/H116  4-8MM  1500-3450MM  500-16000MM
 5182  O/H111/H112  4-8MM  1500-3450MM  500-16000MM
 5454  O/H111/H112  4-8MM  1500-3450MM  500-16000MM
 5754  O/H111/H112  4-8MM  1500-3450MM  500-16000MM
Surface Smooth surface, bright surface
Standards GB/T3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209


Advantages of 5083 aluminum plate and 5182 aluminum plate used in tank trucks

1. Light weight

The dead weight of aluminum alloy tank trucks is lighter than carbon steel tanks. The lighter dead weight can also increase the vehicle’s payload and transportation volume, and obtain more profits. At the same time, it can also reduce vehicle fuel consumption during transportation. According to research, 60% of the fuel consumption of tank trucks comes from the vehicle’s own weight. For every 1 ton the vehicle is lighter, 0.6 liters of fuel consumption can be saved every 10 kilometers. This will save 0.6 liters of fuel consumption in long-term use. In the process, can save a lot of fuel consumption and reduce tire wear.

2. Long service life and strong corrosion resistance

Aluminum alloy is the lightest material, has stable chemical properties and is not easy to corrode. Generally, the service life of aluminum alloy tank truck bodies is about 15-20 years. It is corrosion-resistant and will not pollute oil products. Generally, aluminum alloy tanks do not need to be painted, which reduces one process in the vehicle production process and makes subsequent maintenance much simpler.

3. Beautiful appearance and superior performance

Aluminum alloy has beautiful appearance and good ductility. The use of siloing technology can be compatible with the storage and transportation of a variety of materials. The adoption of a closed filling system is more than twice as efficient as traditional loading and unloading.

4. High safety

Safety is very important for tank trucks. The upper body of aluminum alloy tank trucks is lighter and the center of gravity is lower, which makes it safer to drive. Aluminum alloy is a non-flammable material, is not easy to generate sparks, and has less static electricity accumulation. This greatly reduces the probability of accidents; the aluminum alloy is easy to deform, so that it can absorb the energy generated by the collision in the event of a collision, and the tank is not easy to crack.

5. Higher recycling value

The price of aluminum is relatively high, so when the aluminum alloy tank is scrapped, its recycling price is also relatively high.


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