How to identify hydrophilic aluminum foil and ordinary aluminum foil?

2023-10-09 11:12:22

Hydrophilic aluminum foil, also known as aluminum foil fins, is a hydrophilic treatment of aluminum foil, through special processing, a hydrophilic layer is coated on the surface. The condensed water will spread quickly on the hydrophilic aluminum foil and will not condense into water droplets increase the heat exchange area, speed up the cooling and heating speed, and effectively avoid the noise caused by condensed water blocking the air flow. Hydrophilic aluminum foil is mainly used in the production of heat exchanger fins, such as air conditioner condensers and evaporators, refrigerator frost-free evaporators/finned evaporators, commercial refrigerator condensers and evaporators, automotive air conditioner condensers and evaporators wait. Hydrophilic aluminum foil can be surface-coated, usually are blue and gold. Flait Aluminum provides hydrophilic aluminum foils for air conditioner are: 8006 hydrophilic aluminum foil, 8011 hydrophilic aluminum foil, 3102 hydrophilic aluminum foil, 1100 hydrophilic aluminum foil, etc.

Ordinary aluminum foil / Non-hydrophilic aluminum foil has serious defects. The biggest problem is that the condensed water generated during cooling will adhere to the aluminum foil and form a water bridge, causing obstruction between the fins, affecting ventilation, reducing heat exchange efficiency, and reducing the efficiency of the air conditioner, energy efficiency ratio, more power consumption. To identify whether a hydrophilic aluminum foil is hydrophilic, consumers only need to sprinkle a cup of water on it. The water cannot flow away and looks watery. The phenomenon of water bridges is caused by the use of non-hydrophilic aluminum foil. Usually only cooling machines use non-hydrophilic aluminum foil, while cooling and heating machines mostly use hydrophilic aluminum foil. The angle of water droplets on the surface of ordinary aluminum foil is above 70 degrees, while the angle of water droplets on the surface of hydrophilic aluminum foil is below 35 degrees.

How to identify hydrophilic aluminum foil and ordinary aluminum foil

Features of 8006 8011 3102 1100 hydrophilic aluminum foil

  1. Excellent hydrophilicity and corrosion resistance;
  2. Good formability and no wear on the mold;
  3. Extremely strong resistance to stamping oil, solvent resistance and heat resistance;
  4. The air flow resistance is small, and the heat exchange rate is generally 10%-15% higher than that of ordinary aluminum foil, which can reduce wind resistance, noise, energy consumption and extend the service life of the heat sink;
  5. It can increase the anti-corrosion, anti-fungal and odor-free functions;
  6. The condensed water on the accumulation surface of the heat exchange fins is evenly distributed on the surface, and the formation of water droplets will not cause accumulation and blockage between the heat exchange fins, affecting the heat exchange conditions, thereby increasing the heat exchange rate by 5%;
  7. Since the water has no beads, the noise caused by vibration is also reduced accordingly;
  8. It can prevent the oxidized powder from the air conditioner from being blown into the room and have adverse effects on the human body, and meets environmental protection requirements.


8011 8006 3102 1100 hydrophilic aluminum foil price

The price of hydrophilic aluminum foil = SMM aluminum ingot price + processing fee. 

Note: Hydrophilic aluminum foil has different tempers and specifications, the quotations of each aluminum manufacturer is also different. For detailed quotation, free online consultation is available, we are very happy to provide you with any support and help!

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