Application of aluminum sheet in curtain walls

2024-02-05 15:46:53

With the progress of the times, there are more and more high-rise buildings. For safety and practicality, traditional concrete curtain walls or glass curtain walls can no longer meet the current needs. Aluminum alloy is widely used as a new lightweight and environmentally friendly material. In the current construction of curtain walls, aluminum sheet curtain walls have become the mainstream choice for high-rise building curtain walls. This article will share with you the extensive application of aluminum sheets in the curtain wall industry.

Application of aluminum sheet in curtain walls

Why choose aluminum sheets for curtain walls?

Today’s buildings must have both height and beauty. Curtain walls are the external coverings of building walls. For high-rise buildings, traditional concrete is heavy, difficult to construct, and unsightly; while glass curtain walls have poor wind and impact resistance. It was also unsatisfactory, easily chipped and too expensive to maintain. The commonly used thickness of aluminum curtain wall is 1.5mm-4.0mm. It is very light, but has high hardness, is strong and extremely difficult to break. The surface can be sprayed, easy to install, durable and has low maintenance cost. It is the perfect curtain wall material.

Types of aluminum curtain walls

There are several different types of curtain wall aluminum panels in the construction industry, which are roughly divided into single-layer aluminum panels, composite aluminum panels, aluminum honeycomb panels and aluminum grille panels. In addition, aluminum profiles can be used as curtain wall structural members.

Advantage of aluminum sheet in curtain walls

  • 1.Light weight and high strength.
  • 2.Good weather resistance and corrosion resistance. Whether it is anodized or fluorocarbon sprayed, it can be used outdoors for a long time without discoloration.
  • 3.Good craftsmanship. Aluminum sheets can be processed into various complex geometric shapes such as planes, arcs and spheres. ​
  • 4.The coating is uniform and has various colors. Various colors can be deployed according to actual project needs.
  • 5.Good anti-fouling properties, easy to clean and maintain.
  • 6.Easy to process, good formability, convenient and quick installation.
  • 7.Environmentally friendly and pollution-free, aluminum can be 100% recycled.
  • 8.It has high fire protection level and can be used with confidence.

What are the commonly used alloys for curtain wall aluminum sheets?

  • 1.1060 aluminum sheet and 1100 aluminum sheet

1060 aluminum sheet and 1100 aluminum sheet are the more common curtain wall aluminum sheets. They are 1 series pure aluminum, the alloy state is H24, have moderate hardness, have certain corrosion resistance, are easy to process, and are cheap. If the curtain wall requires a specific shape, it will be easier to process it with series 1 aluminum sheets.

  • 2.3003 aluminum sheet

The most commonly used status of 3003 aluminum sheet as curtain wall aluminum sheet is H24. It has excellent anti-rust properties, has higher hardness and strength than 1 series aluminum sheet, is more corrosion-resistant than 1 series aluminum sheet, and has better flatness than 1 series 1060 aluminum sheet and 1100 aluminum sheet. Aluminum sheet, but the processing difficulty is higher than that of 1 series aluminum sheet. 3003 aluminum sheet is an ideal base material for aluminum honeycomb panels, 3003 H18 is used as honeycomb core material, and 3003 H24 is used as honeycomb panel. Honeycomb aluminum panels are a common material for high-rise curtain walls. They have the characteristics of wind pressure resistance, good flatness, strong rigidity, fire protection and heat insulation, and good sound insulation.

5005 H24 aluminum sheet and 5052 aluminum sheet are 5 series magnesium aluminum alloys, which are more corrosion-resistant than 3003 aluminum sheet. They also have excellent anodizing coloring effect and are more expensive than 3003 curtain wall aluminum sheet. They are mainly used for high-end curtain wall applications. 5052 H14 aluminum sheet can also be used to make the base sheet of honeycomb panels.

  • 4.6063 aluminum alloy

6063 aluminum alloy is mainly used for aluminum profiles, mostly for manufacturing door and window frames, and mostly for structural parts and supports when used in curtain wall applications.

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