3003 5005 aluminum sheet for curtain wall

2024-01-25 11:53:25

There are many types of materials for modern curtain walls, such as glass, aluminum panels, carbon fiber panels, weathering steel, etc. In specific applications, people will evaluate which material to choose based on the use environment. Among many materials, aluminum sheet is one of the most cost-effective choices. 

Flait Aluminum is a professional aluminum sheet manufacturer and supplier. We can customize curtain wall aluminum sheets on demand. Our curtain wall aluminum sheets commonly use 3003 aluminum sheet and 5005 aluminum sheet. The conventional thicknesses are 1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and 3.0mm. The length and width can be Produced according to customer requirements. If you have other specifications, you can contact us in advance.

Product Parameters:

3003 Aluminum Sheet
3003 Aluminum Sheet

1) Alloy: 3003

2) Temper: H24

3) Thickness: 1mm-4mm

4) Width: 100mm-2600mm 

5)Standard size:As your requirement

5005 Aluminum Sheet
5005 Aluminum Sheet

1) Alloy: 5005

2) Temper: F,O,H24

3) Thickness: 1mm-4mm

4) Width: 100mm-2650mm 

5)Standard size:As your requirement

Why choose 3003 5005 curtain wall aluminum sheet?

When choosing any material, the first consideration is material properties, and then cost-effectiveness. Just like 3003 aluminum sheets and 5005 aluminum sheets, excellent material properties are the primary factor for people to choose them.

1. Light weight but high strength. Aluminum alloy has the characteristics of low density and high strength. Its weight is one-fifth that of marble and one-third that of glass curtain wall, which is particularly important for curtain wall applications. Modern buildings often have a certain height. The lighter the material, the less difficult it is to construct and the smaller the burden on the overall building. At the same time, aluminum alloy also has quite high strength and can resist high-altitude wind pressure and vibration.

2. Durable. 3003 aluminum sheet and 5005 aluminum sheet have good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and can withstand wind, rain erosion and ultraviolet radiation. Especially after anodizing, they can maintain material performance for a long time and greatly extend the service life.

3. Excellent surface properties. The surface of 3003 aluminum sheet and 5005 aluminum sheet is smooth and has excellent adhesion. Whether it is anodized or fluorocarbon spray-painted, the coating is uniform and glossy, with rich and lasting color. Because of this, aluminum curtain walls have strong anti-fouling properties and are relatively simple to clean, saving maintenance costs.

4. Excellent processability. Aluminum sheets are easy to process and bend. Compared with fragile products such as glass, they can easily present various shapes and designs to meet design needs.

5.Environmentally friendly and recyclable. Although aluminum panels are not the cheapest curtain wall material, aluminum itself is highly recyclable, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, making it the most economical choice in the long run.

If you are undecided about how to choose curtain wall aluminum panels, you may wish to contact us. Flait Aluminum is committed to one-stop solution to customer needs, and has a professional pre-sales and after-sales team to provide you with considerate services. Welcome to consult! Click to Order


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