Air conditioning heat exchanger aluminum foil finstock

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Air conditioning heat exchanger aluminum foil, which is also call “aluminum finstock”. Aluminum foil is a key material for air conditioning heat exchangers. Like the heat exchanger copper tubes, it is very important and affects the overall performance of the heat exchanger. Aluminum foils commonly used for air conditioning heat exchanger include: bare/plain aluminum foil, blue hydrophilic aluminum foil,gold hydrophilic aluminum foil; commonly used alloys include: 8006 aluminum foil, 8011 aluminum foil, 3102 aluminum foil, 1100 aluminum foil; commonly used grades include: O/HO/H22.

The surface of blue/gold hydrophilic aluminum foil is coated with a hydrophilic layer than bare aluminum foil in order to improve the corrosion resistance of the fins. The hydrophilic layer can make the moisture in the hot air condense on the heat exchanger fins and the water droplets can easily spread and flow down the sheet. This can avoid affecting the ventilation effect of heat exchanger due to the “bridging” of water droplets between the heat exchanger fins, increasing the heat exchange rate by 5%.

Air conditioning heat exchanger aluminum foil finstock

What is the hydrophilicity of air conditioning hydrophilic aluminum foil?

Hydrophilicity refers to molecules with polar groups that can attract water molecules or dissolve in water, and have a great affinity for water. The surface of solid materials formed by these molecules is easily wetted by water. This property is due to the hydrophilicity of the substance.

What is the features of the hydrophilic layer/corrosion resistance of air conditioning aluminum foil?

  • Hydrophilic fin aluminum foils are used in indoor air conditioning/refrigeration equipment: to improve heat exchange efficiency and ensure air outlet volume;
  • Hydrophilic fin aluminum foils are used in outdoor air conditioning/refrigeration equipment: extending the defrost cycle and shortening the defrost time;
  •  Corrosion resistance: Ensure product reliability and durability, reduce air conditioning performance degradation, and maintain long-term, energy-saving and efficient air conditioning.

8011 8006 3102 1100 Air conditioning heat exchanger hydrophilic aluminum foil finstock

Product Name Blue/Gold hydrophilic aluminum foil finstock for air conditioner heat exchanger Plain/Bare aluminum foil for air conditioner heat exchanger
Alloy 8011, 8006, 3102,1100
Temper O/HO, H22, H24, H26
Thickness(mm) 0.08-0.20
Width (mm) 100-1250
Coil ID 75mm, 150mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm
Color Blue, Gold/Golden Bare/Plain
Surface Coating Hydrophilic layer No
Angle of water droplets on the
surface of aluminum foil
35° 70°
Features 1.Condensed water will spread quickly on the hydrophilic aluminum foil, will not condense into water droplets;
2.Increasing the heat exchange area;
3.Speeding up the cooling/heating speed;
4.Effectively avoiding the noise caused by the condensed water blocking the air flow;
5.Saving power consumption;
6.Effectively reducing the spacing between the heat exchanger fins and the size of the air conditioner;
7.Anti-corrosion, anti-fungal, no odor
1.Condensed water will adhere to the aluminum foil, form a water bridge;
2.Causing blockage between fins;
3.Affecting ventilation;
4.Reducing heat exchange efficiency;
5.Reducing the energy efficiency ratio of the air conditioner;
6.Consuming electricity.
Use Heating and cooling machine/ air conditioner Single cooling machines/ air conditioners
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