Various uses of aluminum strips/tapes

2024-02-28 15:04:46

The raw materials of aluminum strips are pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast-rolled aluminum coils and hot-rolled aluminum coils. They are rolled into thin aluminum coils of different thicknesses and widths by a cold rolling mill, and then longitudinally slit into different widths by a slitting machine according to the purpose of aluminum strip. Aluminum tapes are widely used in various industries because of their lightness, strength, and excellent corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, and thermal conductivity.

The specific uses of aluminum strips include: transformer aluminum strips/transformer aluminum foil, aluminum strips for high-frequency welding hollow aluminum strips, aluminum strips for fin radiators, aluminum strips for cables, aluminum strips for stamping, aluminum strips for aluminum edge strips, etc.

Commonly used alloy grades of aluminum tapes include 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5005, 5052, 8011, etc. Commonly used tempers include O and H. O represents soft state and H represents hard state. Numbers can be used after O and H to indicate the degree of softness and hardness, as well as the degree of annealing. According to the annealing state of the aluminum strip, the aluminum strip can be divided into fully soft (O/HO), semi-hard (H24), and fully hard (H18). The commonly used temper at present should belong to the all-soft series, because the temper O/HO is easier to stretch and bend

uses of aluminum strips

Commonly used application areas of aluminum strips/tapes

1.1060 aluminum strip/tape

1060 aluminum strip has high requirements on corrosion resistance and formability in the working environment, but does not have high requirements on strength. 1060 aluminum tape is commonly used in the chemical equipment industry.

2.1100 aluminum strip/tape

1100 aluminum strip requires good formability and high corrosion resistance for processing, but does not require high-strength parts. 1100 aluminum tape is commonly used in the food industry for device and container processing, chemical product processing, welded components, heat exchangers, nameplates, reflective devices and printed boards.

3.3003 aluminum strip/tape

Cold-processed rods, wires, forgings, foils and radiator materials in 3003 aluminum strips are basically used in areas with high corrosion resistance, formability and good welding. 3003 aluminum tape is commonly used in pressure tanks, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, oil pipes, kitchen equipment, aircraft fuel tanks and reflectors.

4.3004 aluminum strip/tape

3004 aluminum strip is often used in parts with higher requirements than 3003 alloy, chemical product production and storage equipment, thin plate processing parts, building baffles, cable ducts, sewers, and various lighting parts.

5. 5052 aluminum strip/tape

5052 aluminum strip has good formability, corrosion resistance, burnability, fatigue strength and moderate static strength. It is often used to manufacture aircraft fuel tanks, oil pipes, sheet metal parts of transportation vehicles and ships, instruments, street lamp brackets and rivets, hardware products.

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