1060 stamped aluminum coil strip tape

2024-01-25 10:57:35

The raw materials of aluminum strips/tapes are pure aluminum or aluminum alloy cast-rolled aluminum coils and hot-rolled aluminum coils. They are rolled into thin aluminum coils of different thicknesses and widths by a cold rolling mill, and then longitudinally slit into different widths by a slitting machine according to the purpose of aluminum strip. The specific uses of aluminum strips include: transformer aluminum strips (transformer aluminum foil), aluminum strips for high-frequency welding hollow aluminum strips, aluminum strips for fin radiators, aluminum strips for cables, aluminum strips for stamping, aluminum strips for aluminum edge strips, etc.

1060 aluminum coil is industrial pure aluminum with an aluminum content of 99.60%, cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. The surface of pure aluminum is silvery white, and its density decreases as the purity or temperature increases. The production process of 1060 aluminum strip is relatively simple, the technology is relatively mature, and the price is much cheaper than other hard alloy aluminum plates. 1060 aluminum tape has good plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, elongation and tensile strength; but the strength is low and heat treatment cannot enhance the machinability; it can be gas welded, hydrogen atom welded and contact welded, but not easy to braze; can Meets conventional processing requirements (stamping, drawing, bending) and high formability. 1060 aluminum coils are widely used in automotive power battery soft connections, aluminum-plastic panels, automotive heat shields, kitchenware, lamps, signs and other fields. Click to Order

1060 aluminum coil strip tape

Specification of 1060 stamped aluminum coil strip tape

Alloy 1060 stamped aluminum coil strip tape
Tempers O,H18 ,H22,H24,etc.
Thickness(mm) 0.10-0.45
Width(mm) 100-2650
Length(mm) C


Chemical composition of 1060 stamped aluminum coil strip tape:

Al: 99.60         Si: 0.25         Cu: 0.05         Mg: 0.03    

Zn: 0.05          Mn: 0.03       Ti: 0.03           V: 0.05 

Fe: 0.350   Note: Single: 0.03

Technical standards of 1060 stamped aluminum coil strip tape:

Tensile strengthσb (MPa): 110-136   

Elongationδ10 (%): 3-5  

Advantages of 1060 stamped aluminum coil strip tape

  1. 1. 1060 aluminum strip has high strength and good cutting performance;
  2. 2. 1060 aluminum tape has high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, good plasticity, and can easily withstand various pressure processing, bending and extension;
  3. 3. It has good lighting performance and welding performance, and can be used for gas welding, hydrogen atomic welding and resistance welding;
  4. 4. 1060 aluminum strip has good corrosion resistance;
  5. 5. Mature technology, good quality and low price.


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