Typical applications of embossed aluminum coils

2024-04-29 11:50:21

Embossed aluminum coil is a deep-processed product of aluminum coil, which is formed by rolling the surface of the aluminum coil to form various patterns. The choice of its base material and the different patterns determine its different uses. Embossed aluminum coils are used in a wide range of applications, involving many industries and fields. Whether it is architectural decoration, refrigeration industry, automobile manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, insulation industry, etc., embossed aluminum coils are used in different application fields. The rolls are different in alloy state and pattern texture. The same thing is that the embossed texture of the embossed aluminum roll not only increases the aesthetics, but also improves the durability, scratch and wear resistance of the aluminum. This article will analyze several typical applications of embossed aluminum coils.

applications of embossed aluminum coils

1. Refrigeration industry

Embossed aluminum coil has good thermal conductivity and corrosion resistance, and is one of the essential material choices for cold storage manufacturing, refrigerators, freezers and other refrigeration industries. Mainly used in freezers, cold storages, refrigerator linings, air conditioners and automobile evaporators, etc. 3003 embossed aluminum coil, 1050 embossed aluminum coil and 1060 embossed aluminum coil are commonly used choices. The patterns are mostly orange peel and can be anodized to further improve corrosion resistance and surface strength.

2. Thermal insulation industry

One of the most widely used applications of embossed aluminum coils is as thermal insulation aluminum coils. Including pipeline insulation, rust-proof insulation projects for equipment, factories, buildings and other facilities. The alloy choices are mostly 1060 embossed aluminum coils and 3003 embossed aluminum coils, which generally do not require anodizing. The pattern options are orange peel or insect pattern, which are not only beautiful, but also corrosion-resistant and have good thermal insulation effects. Among them, kraft paper-coated mortar embossed aluminum coils are mainly used for anti-corrosion insulation projects, such as oil pipeline insulation; Sarin film composite embossed aluminum coils are mainly used for pipeline insulation in the chemical industry, such as oil refineries.

3.Construction industry

The good thermal and acoustic insulation properties of embossed aluminum coils make them ideal for construction applications. Can be used as curtain walls, ventilation ducts, roof panels, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc. The alloy selection is 1060 aluminum coil, 3003 aluminum coil, 5052 aluminum coil, etc. Pattern options include orange peel, rhombus, corrugated embossing, etc.

4. Machinery manufacturing

Hemispherical pattern aluminum coils and double-sided spherical embossed aluminum coils are commonly used choices for automobile engine guards, exhaust pipe heat shields, and automobile chassis heat dissipation. Tread plates can be used on floors in wet environments such as ships. Commonly used alloys such as 3003 H22 aluminum coil, 5052 H14 aluminum coil, etc.

5.Furniture decoration

Diamond-shaped embossed aluminum coils are a common choice for bags, packaging and decorative lights; bean-pattern embossed aluminum coils can be used for lamp lighting and reflective lampshades; color-coated embossed aluminum coils have various colors and exquisite embossed patterns, and are ideal for home appliance panels and cabinets and other commonly used decorative materials. For the above, 1060 embossed aluminum coil, 3003 embossed aluminum coil or 5052 embossed aluminum coil can be used. The alloy states are commonly used H24 and H32.

In addition to the above typical applications, the applications of embossed aluminum coils also include solar reflective panels, floor heating thermal conductivity, disinfection cabinets, etc. Flait Aluminum provides embossed aluminum coil products with complete specifications and reliable quality. The size and pattern can be customized. Free samples are provided. Welcome to contact us for detailed specifications and quotation. Click to Order


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