3003 aluminum plate or 1100 aluminum plate which is better?

2024-05-23 16:54:30

Aluminum plate is a very important material, widely used in aviation, construction, electrical appliances, transportation and other fields. 3003 aluminum sheet plate and 1100 aluminum sheet plate are two widely used aluminum plates. Although they are both aluminum alloy plates, they are very different in performance and application. Which one is better, 3003 aluminum plate or 1100 aluminum plate?

3003 aluminum plate

1. Different compositions

1100 aluminum plate is industrial pure aluminum with an aluminum content of more than 99%. It has relatively good elongation and conductivity and is easy to process. 3003 aluminum plate is an aluminum-manganese alloy product with an aluminum content of about 98% and about 1% manganese element; therefore, the rust-proof performance and corrosion resistance of 3003 aluminum plate are much higher than that of 1100 aluminum plate, and the strength of 3003 aluminum plate is about 10% higher than that of 1100 aluminum plate.

2. Hardness and strength

Due to the difference in chemical composition, the hardness and strength of 1100 aluminum plate and 3003 aluminum plate are also different. 1100 aluminum plate is a soft aluminum plate with good plasticity and ductility, but low strength. The 3003 aluminum plate is a semi-hard aluminum plate, with higher hardness and strength than the 1100 aluminum plate, but its plasticity and ductility are relatively poor.

3. Corrosion resistance

1100 aluminum plate has a higher aluminum content, so it has better corrosion resistance, especially in humid environments. The 3003 aluminum plate contains manganese, which can improve the strength, hardness and corrosion resistance of the aluminum plate.

4. Application areas

1100 aluminum plate has good plasticity and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in construction, electrical appliances, chemical industry, heat sinks, bottle caps, printing boards, building materials, heat exchanger components, and deep-drawn products. 

3003 aluminum plate has higher hardness and strength and is suitable for fields that require higher strength and hardness, such as automobile bodies, aerospace manufacturing, etc.

5. Price

The price of 1100 aluminum plate in the same processing state is lower than that of 3003 aluminum plate.

1100 aluminum plate

As a well-known aluminum manufacturer in the aluminum processing industry, Flait Aluminum believes that there is no standard answer to which one is better, 1100 aluminum plate or 3003 aluminum plate. The appropriate one is better. It is recommended that users choose based on their actual needs, uses, and budgets. Or consult our experienced aluminum experts. Welcome to contact us in order to get competitive prices and free samples. Click to Order


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