Properties of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate

2024-04-17 11:32:41
5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate

5083 aluminum sheet plate is a typical 5 series automotive sheet alloy. It has excellent weldability, corrosion resistance, processing and formability and low temperature performance. Among Al-Mg series alloys, it has medium strength performance, and the strength of the welded joint can be compared with that of annealed  the state of the base material is equal and it has reliable corrosion resistance. The mechanical properties of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate increase evenly as the temperature decreases, as does the fracture toughness. It is a good automobile cover alloy, especially suitable for business applications. Vehicles, various special vehicles, semi-trailers and other internal and external welded sheet metal structures.

Characteristics of 5083 aluminum alloy

  •  It cannot be strengthened by heat treatment;
  •  In order to prevent “age softening” and stabilize corrosion resistance, semi-finished products need to be stabilized;
  •  In order to prevent the reduction of yield strength during repeated annealing, the final cold deformation should be >50%.

Composition of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate (mass %)

Mg4.0~4.9, Mn0.4~1.0, Cr0.05~0.25, Si0.40, F0.40, Zn0.25, Ti0.15, other impurities individually 0.05 , a total of 0.15, and the rest are Al. 

The main phase composition of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate is: α (Al), β (Al8Mg5), AlMn, and Al7Cr. Possible impurity phases are Mg2Si, Al3Fe, Al3Ti, and Al6 (Fe, Mn).

Physical properties of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate 

Density 2.66g/cm3;

Melting temperature range 574℃~638℃;

Specific heat capacity 900J/(kg·k);

The thermal conductivity is 120W/(m·k) at 20℃;

The body expansion coefficient at 20℃ is 70×10-6m3/(m3·k);

The annealing temperature is 343°C, no heat preservation is required, and the hot rolling temperature is 260°C~510°C.

Mechanical properties of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate

Brinell Hardness 75-110
Elastic (Young’s, Tensile) Modulus 68GPa(9.9×106 psi)
Elongation at Break 1.1 to 17 %
Fatigue Strength 93 to 190 MPa(13 to 27 x 103 psi)
Shear Modulus 26 GPa(3.7 x 106 psi)
Shear Strength 170 to 220 MPa(25 to 32 x 103 psi)
Tensile Strength: Ultimate (UTS) 290 to 390 MPa(41 to 57 x 103 psi)
Tensile Strength: Yield (Proof) 110 to 340 MPa(17 to 50 x 103 psi)


Electrical properties of 5083 automotive aluminum sheet plate   

Conductivity (isoelectric product) at 20°C 32% IACS;

The resistivity at 20℃ is 54nΩ·m;

The temperature coefficient of resistance at 20℃ is 0.1nΩ·m/K;

In an aqueous solution containing 53g NaCl and 3g H2O3 per liter at 25°C, the potential of a 0.1N calomel electrode is -0.86V.


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