8011-H16/H18 Aluminum plate foil for deep drawing bottle caps

2024-01-30 16:22:11

Aluminum bottle caps are very common in life. They are mainly used for packaging beverages, alcoholic beverages, and pharmaceutical bottles. They have the advantages of good sealing and high safety. Aluminum closures generally use 1, 3, and 8 series aluminum plates/foils. Since aluminum caps are mostly processed on production lines with a high degree of automation, the performance requirements for raw materials are relatively high.

8011 aluminum plate foil for deep drawing bottle caps

8011 aluminium closure sheet foil is added with iron and silicon elements, and its performance is better than that of pure aluminum foil, and it is mainly used in wine lids, juice lids, easy-open lids, oral liquids, tea lids, milk powder lids and other products. 8011 aluminum sheet foil for bottle caps, commonly used tempers are H14/H16/H18, the thickness range is 0.15-0.27mm, the width range is 200-1000mm, the thickness tolerance is ±0.005mm, and the width range tolerance is ±1mm. Flait Aluminum 8011 aluminum closure sheet foil has the characteristics of non-toxic, tasteless, safe and hygienic, excellent moisture-proof performance, clean oil removal, few holes, good product shape, good deep drawing performance, low ear making rate, etc. Click to Order

8011 aluminum closure material is divided into cast-rolled and hot-rolled. Depending on the tempers, can meet the needs of different industries:

8011-H18 aluminum sheet foil for bottle cap is mainly applied to stamping shallow caps, and casting and rolling can be used.
Production process of 8011-H18 aluminum closure sheet foil: cold rolling – foil rolling – stretch bending and straightening – slitting – packaging, and other processes do not require annealing, so the production process has a short time cycle, and the price is also cheap.

8011-H16 aluminum sheet foil for bottle cap is one of hot-rolled aluminum anti-theft cap materials. The tensile strength is 150~165Mpa, the elongation is >2%, the plate surface is smooth, and there are no obvious roll marks, black lines, oil spots, dust inclusions, scratches, bright strips and other defects. The ear making rate is controlled within 3%. The production processes of 8011-H16 aluminum sheet foil for medical bottle caps and wine caps are slightly different. Since wine caps have higher stretching requirements than pharmaceutical caps, there are differences in annealing.

Production process of 8011-H16 aluminum closure sheet foil: cold rolling – foil rolling annealing thickness – annealing – finished foil rolling – stretch bending and straightening – slitting and other processes. After the finished roll is produced, it must go through multiple processes such as cutting with a flattening machine, painting, drying, multiple stampings, and anti-counterfeiting markings to produce qualified bottle cap materials.

Specification of 8011-H16/H18 aluminum plate foil for deep drawing bottle caps

Alloy 8011 Aluminum sheet foil for bottle caps
Tempers H14/H16/H18
Thickness 0.15mm – 0.50mm
Width 100mm – 1700mm
Length C
Application Aluminum liquor lids, red wine lids, anti-theft wine lids, oral liquid lids, twist-off bottle caps, etc.
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Advantages of 8011-H16/H18 aluminum plate foil for deep drawing bottle caps

  • 1. Good protection function

Aluminum bottle caps have good barrier properties, which can avoid contamination of products by microorganisms, moisture or gas, thereby ensuring safe storage of products, extending shelf life and validity, and ensuring flavor and taste.

  • 2. Recyclable

Aluminum bottle caps are more environmentally friendly and easy to recycle, thus saving resources and energy. Aluminum is a sustainable resource material. The energy required to recycle aluminum is less than 5% of the production of primary aluminum, and the corresponding greenhouse gas emissions are also reduced.

  • 3. Convenient to open and close

Aluminum bottle caps are easy to open and close. No auxiliary tools are needed, just turn it gently to open. Aluminum bottle caps ensure convenience, reliability and safety whenever they are opened or closed.

  • 4. Has anti-counterfeiting properties

Aluminum bottle caps can be produced in batches and at low cost, and have a high cost performance. With the application of innovative technology, different types of anti-theft and anti-counterfeiting designs are used on aluminum bottle caps. If the wine bottle has been opened, the connecting lines on the bottle cap will break, making it very easy for consumers to identify.

  • 5. Diversified design

Aluminum bottle caps have the characteristics of enhancing product identification and appearance, and complex design patterns include gloss, shading, embossing and even digital printing. Aluminum bottle caps have become an important part of wine branding and visual effects. They can bring a broad freedom of personalization and give aluminum bottle caps diverse appearances to attract consumers with different tastes.


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