8006 HO/H22 Air Conditioning Aluminum Foil

2024-03-12 10:28:08

As air conditioners are gradually developing towards miniaturization, high efficiency, and long service life; air conditioner heat exchange fins need to be increasingly thinner and have high strength. Aluminum foil has good thermal conductivity, low density, light weight, and is widely used as fins for air conditioner radiators. The air-conditioning aluminum foil is punched and flanged by a punch machine to be made into heat dissipation fins; then it is threaded through tubes, expanded, degreased, and assembled to become a heat exchanger.

8006 hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioners can effectively extend the life of air conditioners, reduce power consumption, improve ventilation quality and improve refrigeration effects. Air conditioning aluminum foil is widely used in heat exchanger fins of household air conditioners, commercial air conditioners, automobile air conditioners, automobile water tanks, vending machines, etc. 8006 air conditioning heat exchangers aluminum foil, including uncoated aluminum foil (bare/plain) and coated hydrophilic aluminum foil (blue and gold/golden). Contact us to get free samples.

The difference between 8006 coated air conditioning aluminum foil and uncoated air conditioning aluminum foil

  • 1. 8006 bare air conditioning aluminum foil

8006 bare air conditioning aluminum foil refers to aluminum foil that has been rolled and annealed without any form of surface treatment. Currently, about 50% of the heat exchangers used still use uncoated aluminum foil.

  • 2. 8006 blue/gold hydrophilic air conditioning aluminum foil

The surface of 8006 air conditioning aluminum foil can be coated with blue and golden hydrophilic coating, has strong hydrophilicity and corrosion resistance. Hydrophilic aluminum foil is generally used in the evaporator of air conditioners. Its main function is to make the moisture in the hot air condense into water droplets on the heat exchanger and spread easily and flow downwards along the sheet. This can prevent the ventilation effect of the heat exchanger from being affected by the “bridge” of water droplets between the heat exchange fins, thereby improving the heat exchange rate of the air conditioner and saving electricity under the same cooling capacity.

8006 hydrophilic aluminum foil for air conditioners
Alloy 8006
Temples HO/O, H22, H24, etc.
Roll ID (mm) 75/150/300/400/505
Roll OD Customized
Core Steel, Aluminum, Paper
Thickness (mm) 0.08 – 0.20
Width (mm) 100 – 1250
Coated color Bare/Plain/Silver, Blue, Gold/Golden
Surface Mill finish with hydrophilic coating
Uses Heat exchanger, radiator, condenser ,evaporator and so on.
Delivery time 30 days
Package Fumigation wooden box
Standard EN, ASTM, DIN, GB/T-3198
Loading port Any port in China


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