3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

2023-08-07 10:23:31

The heat dissipation management of new energy vehicles is particularly important. In order to avoid the power battery temperature from being too high, it is necessary to adopt a reasonable way to dissipate heat. Liquid cooling is currently a more effective way to dissipate heat. The water-cooled plate of automobiles is generally made of aluminum brazing composite material, which is usually brazed by two upper and lower O-state aluminum sheets, which ensures the stability and safety of the power battery in a high-temperature working environment. The 3003 aluminum plate has excellent performance and is currently widely used as an automotive water-cooled plate material.

3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

Specifications of 3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

Alloy 3003 3003 3003mod
Brazing clad for CAB 4045 4343 4343
Temper O,H12,H14,H16,H18,H22,H24,H26
Thickness(mm) 0.5-5.0mm
Width(mm) 500-1200mm
Length(mm) C
Clad Rate 4-18% per side, or customer requested
Packing Export standard package
Normal Alloys Plates 4045/3003, 4343/3003, 4045/3003/4045, 4343/3003/4343, 4343/3003/7072 and etc.


Advantages of 3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

  • 3003 aluminum plate has high thermal conductivity and can conduct heat quickly.
  • The density of aluminum is small, and the use of 3003 aluminum plate to make the water cooling plate can reduce space and weight.
  • The 3003 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and prolongs the service life of the water cooling plate.
  • 3003 aluminum plate is easy to process into various shapes and sizes, suitable for complex water cooling plate design and manufacture.
  • Compared with other high-performance alloy materials, the price of 3003 aluminum sheet is relatively low, and it can be recycled, which reduces the manufacturing cost.

Application of 3003 aluminum plate for water cooling plate

Water cooling plates based on 3003 aluminum plates are widely used in dynamic heat exchangers such as new energy vehicles, construction machinery, rail transit, ships, and aviation, as well as household air conditioners, commercial refrigeration, and industrial heat transfer.

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