3003 H24 aluminum sheet for roofing

2023-11-13 17:51:38

3003 aluminum plate is a very widely used AL-Mn aluminum alloy and is a common rust-proof aluminum plate. It has good rust and corrosion resistance and is suitable for applications in outdoor environments; it also has excellent formability and weldability, and is easy to bend and harden. People often use 3003 aluminum sheets in buildings, such as curtain walls, roof panels, folding panels, soundproof ceilings, rain gutters, etc.

Roofs have special requirements for substrates and coatings. Roof panels are required to have high wind pressure resistance and good bending properties. At present, AL-Mn-Mg alloy is commonly used in the market,which is the 3000 series aluminum alloy. Because the 3000 series aluminum alloy has good tensile strength, which is 1.5-2 times higher than ordinary 1100 alloy aluminum plates, and has good ductility, it is conducive to subsequent processing and forming of various shapes.

Aluminum roof panels commonly use 3003 H24 aluminum alloy, which has higher strength than 1000 series aluminum plates. The tensile capacity of 3003 H24 is generally 160-170mpa, which is about 20% higher than 1060 and 1100 aluminum plate series. At the same time, 3003 aluminum plate coils can be used on the surface of raw aluminum Roll on colorful paint to make a variety of decorative roof panels. The paint for aluminum 3003 color coil includes PE (polyester), PVDF (fluorocarbon). The color-coated aluminum plate 3003 can also be bent by a tile press to make roof color aluminum tiles, which are lightweight and durable, and have a longer life than steel.

Specifications of 3003 H24 aluminum sheet for roofing

Alloy 3003
Temper H24
Thickness(mm) 0.6-1.5
Width(mm) 55-1600
Length(mm) 500-16000
Painting PE (polyester), PVDF (fluorocarbon)
Colors White, gray, red, brown, blue, green, black etc.
Protective film Transparent film, or a film with customized trademark
Standard GB/T 3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209, or according to customer’s special requirements.
Application Curtain walls, roof panels, folding panels, soundproof ceilings, rain gutters, etc.


Advantages of 3003 H24 aluminum sheet for roofing

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Beautiful appearance
  • Light weight
  • High strength
  • Easy to process and form
  • High recycling value
3003 H24 aluminum sheet for roofing

Price of 3003 H24 aluminum sheet for roofing

The price of 3003 H24 aluminum plate = SMM aluminum ingot price + processing fee. 

Note: 3003 H24 aluminum plate has different tempers and specifications, the quotations of each aluminum manufacturer is also different. For detailed quotation, free online consultation is available, we are very happy to provide you with support and help!


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