5052 H32 aluminum sheet for 3C products

2024-03-11 17:42:13

Modern life relies heavily on computers, communications and consumer electronics products, such as mobile phones, tablets, power banks, TVs, etc., which are indispensable supplies. These are 3C products, which are closely related to people’s daily lives. With the advancement of materials, more and more 3C products use aluminum alloy casings. Among them, 5052 aluminum sheet, 6061 aluminum sheet and 6063 aluminum sheet are common base materials for 3C products. 5052 H32 aluminum sheet is one of the representative products and is widely used in brackets and casings of mobile phones, laptops, pads and other products.

Why is 5052 H32 aluminum sheet so popular in 3C products?

5052 H32 aluminum sheet has moderate tensile strength and adapts to the lightweight requirements of 3C products;

5052 H32 aluminum sheet has rich surface treatment technology, is easy to color, and has no black lines or grains after anodization. Moderate brightness, meeting high-end surface quality requirements;

5052 H32 aluminum sheet has moderate hardness, is easy to process and form, has a short production process and good stamping effect, meeting the needs of efficient output of consumer electronics products.

5052 H32 aluminum sheet has excellent corrosion resistance and scratch resistance after anodization, making it durable.

Product specifications and performance

Alloy-Temper: 5052 H32

Thickness: 0.5-3.0mm

Width: 300-1500mm

Length: C

Tensile strength Rm: 210~230Mpa

Yield strength Rp0.2:≥160Mpa

Elongation A50%: ≥10%

Bending: 90°/1T Non cracking

5052 H32 aluminum sheet for 3C products

Advantages of aluminum sheets for 3C products of Flait Aluminum

Flait Aluminum is a professional aluminum product manufacturer with multiple cold rolling and hot rolling production lines, as well as multiple aluminum sheet and aluminum strip slitting machines.

We have always focused on the R&D and production of aluminum sheets, strips and foils, and attach great importance to product quality. All raw materials of our company have undergone strict sampling inspection, strict control of the production process, and a scientific quality management system, which not only improves production efficiency, but also ensures the high quality and stability of the products. The products are exported to many countries around the world and have been widely praised by users. Welcome to contact us.


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