Why 5052 H32 aluminum is so popular?

2024-01-17 16:17:45
5052 H32 aluminum

5052 aluminum alloy is one of the most versatile aluminum alloys on the market. It is a non-heat treatable alloy, but its strength can be increased through strain hardening or cold working. Common methods include forging or rolling. There are many states of 5052 aluminum alloy, including but not limited to 5052 O, 5052 H12, 5052 H24, 5052 H32, 5052 H38, etc. Different alloy states lead to different material properties, so its application range is very wide.

5052 H32 aluminum is the most commonly used state of 5052 aluminum alloy. The H state indicates that the material has been annealed, the hardness has been reduced and then appropriately work hardened. 32 represents that the material has been stabilized and has a hardness of 1/4. 5052 H32 aluminum alloy is popular for its good corrosion resistance, formability, weldability and surface treatment.

The reason why 5052 H32 aluminum is so popular

◆  Good corrosion resistance

The main alloying elements of 5052 H32 aluminum are aluminum and magnesium, which have high oxidation resistance and can effectively prevent oxidation corrosion. This makes 5052 H32 aluminum particularly suitable for use in the marine and chemical industries.

Chemical composition:


Cu:0.10 max

Si:0.25 max

Fe:0.40 max

Mn:0.10 max

Zn:0.10 max



Excellent formability and mechanical properties

The hardness of 5052 H32 aluminum alloy is moderate. In the H32 state, its tensile strength is high, but it still maintains good plasticity and can be bent at 90 degrees. Ideal for sheet metal processing, it is commonly used to manufacture sheet metal parts for the automotive, aerospace and marine industries, and construction applications.

Mechanical Properties:

Alloy & Temper:5052-H32

Strength Psi(Ultimate ):33000

Strength Psi(Yield Set 0.2%):28000

Elongation % (1/16” ):12

Elongation % (1/2” ):18

Brinell Hardness:60

Good welding performance

5052 H32 aluminum can be connected through conventional welding methods. The welded joints have high strength, and the welded connection parts have good sealing and reliability. This makes 5052 H32 aluminum widely used in manufacturing industries, such as shipbuilding, pressure vessel manufacturing, etc.

Excellent surface treatment properties

5052 H32 aluminum can undergo surface treatment processes such as anodizing and painting to enhance its corrosion resistance and decorative properties. Treated alloy surfaces come in a variety of colors and textures to suit different applications.

The above is the reason why 5052 H32 aluminum alloy is popular. Flait Aluminum is a large-scale aluminum product manufacturer that supplies 5052 aluminum alloy in various states. The sizes can be customized. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact our team. Click to Order


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