What is 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil?

2023-08-21 17:22:02

3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil refers to the 3003 aluminum alloy coil that has been treated with stucco embossing. Stucco embossing is a surface treatment process applied to aluminum coil or sheet to create a pattern similar to the rough grain of stucco. There are many types of patterns, the most common one is orange peel pattern, in addition to variant orange peel pattern, insect pattern, pebble pattern, hemispherical pattern, diamond pattern, etc. Different pattern plates usually have different uses. These Patterns are applied to the aluminum panels to enhance their durability and decorative effect.

3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil is an aluminum-manganese alloy, known for its good corrosion resistance, plasticity and medium strength, and is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. Compared with 1xxx series stucco embossed aluminum coils, it has higher strength and can improve its mechanical properties by cold working methods, making it easy to withstand various pressure processing and extension and bending; it has better mechanical properties, especially at high temperature. Compared with 5XXX series stucco embossed aluminum coils, 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet coils have more advantages in price.

3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil is widely used in the refrigeration industry because of its good thermal conductivity, heat insulation and corrosion resistance. It is often used to make the lining of refrigeration equipment, and can also be used to make refrigeration pipes and air ducts. and insulation for refrigeration equipment. Such as refrigerators, air conditioners, freezers, freezer display cabinets, condensers, etc. In addition, aluminum stucco embossed coils are often used in the field of architectural decoration because of their stable and durable material properties and surface pattern functionality, and are usually used as roof and wall panels.

Specification of 3003 stucco embossed aluminum sheet coil
Alloy 3003,3105
Temper O, H12, H14, H22, H24
Thickness(mm) 0.252.0
Width(mm) 100-1300
Inner Diameter(mm) 150mm, 300mm, 500mm
Length(mm) As per customer’s requirements
Embossed Pattern classic orange peel, variable orange peel,rhombus/diamond,hemisphere,cobblestone (hammer/bean) ,corrugated
Surface Treatment Mill Finish,bright finish,anodized,color coated
Standard GB/T 3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209


Advantages of 3003 stucco embossed aluminum coil

  • Strong plasticity, good formability, excellent processing performance;
  • Strong corrosion resistance;
  • Good thermal insulation performance;
  • High strength, can be strengthened by cold working;
  • Good surface quality, multiple types of patterns can be selected;
  • Light weight, recyclable.
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