What aluminum alloys are used in electric vehicle battery boxes?

2023-09-20 11:41:21

Electric vehicle (EV) battery boxes are traditionally made of aluminum and steel.Aluminum is the most common material used for battery cases because it’s lightweight and provides structural rigidity.

The battery boxes material is a high-purity aluminum alloy product formed through processes such as hot rolling, cold rolling, annealing, stretch bending and straightening, and aluminum foil rolling. It is used to hold the electrolyte and plate set. This kind of shell must not only be acid-resistant, heat-resistant, and shock-resistant, but also must have high strength and a thin shell wall.

Aluminum plates for battery boxes mainly include 3xxx series, 5xxx series and 6XXX series aluminum sheet coil.Among them, 3003 aluminum plate is usually used for power battery shell materials and battery water-cooling plates; 5083 aluminum plate is used for battery side plates; 5182 aluminum plate is used for battery covers; 6061 aluminum plate is used for power battery trays, etc.

aluminum alloys for electric vehicle battery boxes

Specification of aluminum alloys forelectric vehicle battery boxes
Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width/Length(mm) Uses
3003 O 1.0—3.0 According to customer needs powerbattery shell
3003 O/H14 1.0—3.0 According to customer needs battery water-cooling plates
5083 O 1.0—2.0 According to customer needs battery side plates
5182 O 1 According to customer needs battery covers
6061 O/T6 1.0-12 According to customer needs power battery trays


Features of aluminum alloys for electric vehicle battery boxes

  • High strength, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, radiation resistance and fast heat dissipation;
  • Strong mechanical properties, high blast resistance, puncture resistance and tear resistance;
  • Good deep drawing performance, welding performance, easy stamping, high elongation and strong plasticity;
  • The surface quality is good, the surface is clean and smooth, the color is uniform, and there is no oil stain;
  • Light weight, energy saving and environmental protection, high recycling rate.


Advantages of Flait Aluminum

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  • The production cycle is short and product inventory is sufficient.
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Original Sourcehttps://www.flait-aluminum.com/Automobile-Aluminum-Sheet-Plate.html

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