Advantages of 5052 aluminum coil used as color-coated coil

2024-04-16 17:47:31

Color-coated aluminum coil is an aluminum processing product made of aluminum coil as raw material and sprayed with colored pigments on the surface. It is one of the most widely used products in the building decoration industry. Aluminum alloys commonly used as color-coated aluminum coils include 1 series 1100 aluminum coil and 1050 aluminum coil; 3 series 3003 aluminum coil and 3105 aluminum coil, and 5 series 5052 aluminum coil. Today I want to introduce why people love to use 5052 aluminum coils as color-coated coils.

5052 aluminum coil is an aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is a commonly used anti-rust aluminum coil and is one of the aluminum base materials commonly used for making color-coated aluminum coils. 5052 aluminum coil can be used as the base material of color-coated aluminum coil. Its characteristics are: clean and tidy surface, no oil stains, no black spots, no stick marks, no pitting, stable performance, bright surface color, and good coloring performance. It has strong corrosion resistance and stability, strong formability and strong decorative properties.

Specification of 5052 color-coated aluminum coil






Coating Paint:PE, PVDF

Coating thickness:Front side: ≥ 18 microns(PE), ≥25 microns(PVDF)

                                Back side: 8-10 microns (PE or EP)

Color:RAL or as per customers’ samples

Surface Protection: With PE/PVC film on main side (if specified)


5052 color-coated aluminum coil

Advantages of 5052 color-coated aluminum coil

  • 5052 aluminum coil has stable performance, high strength and light weight;
  • 5052 aluminum coil has strong corrosion resistance. After color coating, the corrosion resistance is further improved, and the service life can be up to more than 20 years;
  • 5052 aluminum coil has excellent surface quality and is easy to oxidize and color. It can show good results whether it is anodized or spray-painted;
  • 5052 aluminum coil has good processability, stamping resistance, high elongation strength, and is not easy to crack.

Application of 5052 color-coated aluminum coil

5052 color-coated aluminum coils are mainly used in the construction and decoration industry. It can be stamped and bent to form colored aluminum tiles, which can be used in indoor and outdoor decoration, such as thermal insulation decoration of roofs in large shopping malls, amusement parks, villas and some special environments. In addition, 5052 aluminum coils are also widely used in the transportation field, packaging field, etc.

5052 aluminum coil is a mature product favored and recognized by most companies that use aluminum plates and aluminum coils, and occupies an important position in the aluminum plate market. Flait Aluminum can produce 5052 color-coated aluminum coils of different specifications and colors according to different customer needs. If you have needs, you can contact us to get free samples. Click to Order


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