Orange peel embossed aluminum coil for kitchen

2024-01-03 11:36:03

Orange peel embossed aluminum coil is an aluminum coil that has been pressure processed to form a pattern similar to cellulite on the surface, so it can also be called orange peel pattern aluminum coil. It is a series of deep processing aluminum coil products. Orange peel aluminum pattern coils are divided into: classic orange peel pattern aluminum coils, variant orange peel pattern aluminum coils (also known as insect pattern). Because of its good insulation and anti-corrosion properties, it is often used in insulation projects and refrigeration industries. At the same time, embossed aluminum coils are also a common choice for kitchen waterproofing, with remarkable waterproof and anti-corrosion effects.

Orange peel embossed aluminum coil for kitchen

The commonly used materials for orange peel embossed aluminum coils are 1060 aluminum alloy and 3003 aluminum alloy. Among them, 1060 pure aluminum material is often used in thermal insulation projects, while 3003 aluminum skin, as an aluminum-manganese alloy, has better anti-rust performance and is mostly used in anti-corrosion. Applications with high requirements and relatively large corrosive environment. 3003 orange peel embossed aluminum coil for kitchen waterproofing has good anti-corrosion properties and is moderately priced, so it is a common choice.

Flait Aluminum is a professional orange peel embossed aluminum sheet and coil supplier, supplying 1 series, 3 series and 5 series orange peel embossed aluminum sheet and coil products. The thickness of the produced embossed aluminum sheet rolls is 0.25mm-2.0mm, and the maximum width is 1500mm. The thickness can be increased by 0.08-0.25mm after embossing. Specific sizes can be customized according to customer requirements. We also provide anodizing processing services. After oxidation, the surface of the oxidized orange peel embossed aluminum coil forms a dense protective film, which is not only waterproof, anti-fouling, wear-resistant, and corrosion-resistant, but also very easy to clean and convenient to use. Click to Order

Specifications of orange peel embossed aluminum coil for kitchen

Alloy 1060,3003
Temper O, H12, H14, H22, H24
Thickness(mm) 0.25-2.0
Width(mm) 100-1500
Length(mm) As per customer’s requirements
Inner Diameter(mm) 150mm, 300mm, 500mm
Surface Treatment Mill Finish,bright finish,anodized,color coated
Embossing Depth 0.08-0.25
Pattern normal orange peel pattern,classic orange peel partern,rhombus pattern
Inner Diameter 505mm
Outer Diameter According to coil weight and finish
Standard GB/T 3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209, or according to customer’s special requirements.
Packaging Export packing: wooden pallets with plastics protection


Advantages of orange peel embossed aluminum coil for kitchen

  • The surface quality of the embossed aluminum coil is good, without oil spots, waves, scratches, coiling marks, neat trimming, and no burrs.
  • The shape of the embossed pattern becomes smaller, the pattern is fuller and the thickness is uniform, which effectively improves the strength of the pattern plate.
  • Provide anodizing services to further improve product resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
  • Waterproof, stain-proof, wear-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Product size can be cut according to customer needs.


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