5052 aluminum plate Vs 6061 aluminum plate

2024-01-10 11:19:36

5052 aluminum plate and 6061 aluminum plate are aluminum plates that we often use. Although they are both alloy aluminum plates, they still have obvious differences. 5052 aluminum sheet can be bent, and 6061 aluminum sheet is generally used for grinding tools due to its high hardness. Both have good oxidation effects. 6061 aluminum plate is much harder than 5052, but the bending and plasticity of 5052 aluminum plate is much stronger than that of 6061, so we need to choose the appropriate aluminum plate according to actual needs.

1. Chemical composition and manufacturing process of 5052 aluminum plate Vs 6061 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum sheet plate is an AL-Mg alloy aluminum plate. Magnesium is the main alloy element and is the most widely used anti-rust aluminum. It has high strength, high fatigue strength, high plasticity and corrosion resistance, and cannot After heat treatment and strengthening, the plasticity is still good when hardening in the semi-cold state, but the plasticity is low when cold work hardening, corrosion resistance, good weldability, poor cutting performance, and can be polished. 5052 aluminum plate belongs to the hot-rolled aluminum plate series and can be subjected to deep oxidation processing.

The main components of 6061 aluminum sheet plate are magnesium and silicon. It contains a certain amount of manganese and chromium, which can neutralize the adverse effects of iron; sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc can be added to improve the strength of the alloy, but its corrosion resistance is not significant. down, the conductive material also contains a small amount of copper to offset the adverse effects of titanium and iron on conductivity. Zirconium titanium crystal, titanium grain refinement and controlled recrystallization structure; lead and bismuth can be used to improve machinability. Mg2Si is solid solution in aluminum and has the effect of artificial aging strengthening. 6061 is a cold-rolled aluminum plate.

2. Tempers of 5052 aluminum plate Vs 6061 aluminum plate

The common tempers of 5052 aluminum plates are: O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H111, H112, H114

Commonly used tempers of 6061 aluminum plates are: O, T4, T6, T651

3. The mechanical properties of 5052 aluminum plate Vs 6061 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum sheet plate: tensile strength σb (MPa): ≤225; elongation δ5 (%): ≥10
6061 aluminum sheet plate: tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥180; yield strength σ0.2 (MPa): ≥110; elongation δ5 (%): ≥14

4. Uses of 5052 aluminum plate Vs 6061 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum plate/coil: It is a rust-proof aluminum alloy and is mostly used in environments where rust prevention is required. 5052 aluminum plate/coil has good oxidation coloring effect, excellent metal texture and metal hardness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and long service life. It is widely used in automobiles, mobile phone casings, air conditioner casings, etc., which have high requirements on oxidation effect and metal texture.

6061 aluminum plate: It is mostly used in places with high strength requirements. 6061 aluminum sheet has moderate strength, corrosion resistance, good weldability and good oxidation effect. It is widely used in various industrial structural parts that require strength and bacterial corrosion, such as: automatic machinery, precision machining, mold manufacturing, automobile wheels, 3C products, aerospace and other industries in automobiles, construction, ships, trams, railway vehicles, etc. It has many advantages such as small deformation and uniform quenching.


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