5052-H32/O Anti-rust aluminum plate

2023-09-25 11:44:47

5052 Aluminum sheet plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy. The magnesium content is about 2.5%, which can also be called almg2.5. After treatment, the incomplete annealing and hardening state has a hardness of 1/4; 5052 aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance, low density, high strength, strong processability, good surface oxidation effect, good bending ability, no cracking when bent at 90 degrees, it is an excellent product for bending, stamping, stretching and other equipment processing processes. 5052 aluminum plate according to different annealing times and processes, 5052 aluminum plate can be divided into multiple tempers; in different tempers, the hardness is different, and there is a large gap in processability.

5052 aluminum plate is a rust-proof aluminum alloy plate. The specifications are 5052 thin plate, 5052 medium thick plate, and 5052 thick plate; the commonly used tempers are 5052-O aluminum sheet plate, 5052-H112 aluminum sheet plate, 5052-H32 aluminum sheet plate, 5052-H34 aluminum sheet plate. 5052 aluminum plate is widely used in fields such as ships, machinery, electronic appliances, chemicals, construction materials, decoration due to its good mechanical properties, cutting properties, and anodizing properties.

5052-H32/O Anti-rust aluminum plate

5052-H32 aluminum plate is the most commonly used temper. H32 represents the processing status of the product. The aluminum plate in this temper can be bent at 90 degrees and is used for various sheet metal parts, chassis cabinets, lighting manufacturing and other industries. 5052-H32 Aluminum sheet plate, H can be understood as incomplete annealing and work hardening. The product has been annealed, and the hardness has been reduced to suit processing and molding. In order to prevent the product from being too soft, appropriate work hardening has been performed; 32 represents that the hardness of aluminum plate after chemical treatment is 1/4. 5052-O/HO Aluminum plate is in a soft state, in this temper, the strength of the aluminum plate is the lowest and the elongation is high, making it suitable for drawing processing.

Hardness grade: usually the Arabic numeral after H is directly related to the hardness value. For example, the Arabic numeral of H32, H34, H24, H18 represents the hardness. In the same aluminum plates, the larger the Arabic numeral, the higher the hardness, for example, the hardness of H34 is higher than H32. The softer directly becomes the O temper, which is more suitable as a tensile material. Arabic numerals take even numbers, and the industry terms 2/4/6/8 become 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, whole hard.

Specification of 5052-H32/O anti-rust aluminum plate

Alloy 5052 anti-rust aluminum plate
Temper O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32H112
Thickness (mm) 0.2-150
Width (mm) 100-2200
Length (mm) 500-10000
Use Oxidized materials, trolley cases, fuel tank materials, LCD back panels, tank materials, door panel materials, etc.


Chemical composition of 5052-H32/O anti-rust aluminum plate

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Zr Al
5052 0.25 0.4 0.1 0.1 2.20-2.80 0.15-0.35 0.1 Remainder


Mechanical properties of 5052-H32/O anti-rust aluminum plate

Alloy & Temper Thickness(mm) Tensile strengthRm/Mpa Yield strengthRp0.2/Mpa ElongationMin./%
5052-HO/H111 0.30-0.63 173-213 66 15
0.63-1.20 17
1.20-6.30 19
6.30-50.00 18
5052-H32/H22 0.40-0.63 214-262 159 4
0.63-1.20 5
1.20-6.30 7
6.30-50.00 11
5052-H34/H24 0.40-0.63 235-282 180 3
0.63-1.20 4
1.20-6.30 6
6.30-50.00 10
5052-H36/H26 0.10-0.32 256-303 200 2
0.32-0.63 3
0.63-4.00 4
5052-H38/H28 0.15-0.32 269 221 2
0.32-0.63 3
0.63-3.20 4


Physical properties of 5052-H32/O anti-rust aluminum plate

Alloy Thermal expansion coefficient(20-100℃)   µm/m•kRm/Mpa Melting point range(℃)Rp0.2/Mpa Conductivity 20℃(68°F)(%IACS) Resistivity  20(68°F)Ωmm2/m Density(20℃)(g/cm³)
5052-H32 23.8 607-649 35 0.0493 2.73


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