3004 aluminum sheet coil for blinds

2024-05-21 16:52:53

Blinds are a versatile and beautiful window style available in a variety of material options, including aluminum alloy, zinc steel, wood, PVC and glass, with aluminum alloy being the most commonly used blind material. Aluminum blinds are mainly made of aluminum alloy that is not easy to rust. The raw materials selected are mostly 3 series aluminum alloys. The two most commonly used ones are 3004 aluminum sheet coils and 3104 aluminum sheet coils.

Reasons to choose 3004 aluminum for blinds

  • 3004 aluminum sheets coils have good formability, high ductility, easy stamping, high cross-sectional bending strength, and small deformation of the manufactured shutters.
  • 3004 aluminum sheets coils are corrosion-resistant and have good oxidation resistance. They are especially suitable for use in humid environments such as bathrooms and kitchens.
  • The strength of 3004 aluminum sheets coils is moderate, higher than 3003 aluminum alloy and 1 series pure aluminum alloy.
  • 3004 aluminum sheets coils have fine texture and bright surface. They can be anodized or spray-painted. They have beautiful appearance and good decorative effect.

Specification of 3004 aluminum sheet coil for blinds

Aluminum alloy:3004 aluminum sheet coil

Temper:O (good ductility, suitable for subsequent deep drawing and stamping processing);H24/H28 (high strength, poor ductility, suitable for direct making into blinds)

Thickness (mm):0.2-0.6 (0.2-0.3mm is suitable for small windows and doors and windows,0.4-0.6mm is suitable for large windows)

Width (mm): 10-2650 (special width can be customized according to window size)

Length (mm): Customized

Surface treatment:Anodized, Color coated

3004 aluminum sheet coil for blinds

Application of 3004 aluminum sheet coil

In addition to being used as blind materials, 3004 aluminum sheet coil can also be used as wide curtain wall panels, LCD back panels, lighting materials, heat sink materials, cake trays, beverage cans, color-coated aluminum sheet base materials, etc.


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