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Aluminum strip is a strip product made of aluminum material, which is often used in electronics, aerospace, packaging, construction and other industries. Its characteristics are light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing, and recyclability. In the construction industry, aluminum strips are also commonly used in curtain walls, roofs, facade decoration and other aspects.

Alloy aluminum strip refers to a strip product made of aluminum alloy materials. Compared with ordinary aluminum strips, alloy aluminum strips have higher strength and hardness, and also have better corrosion resistance. Alloy aluminum strips are often used in aerospace, automobiles, ships, electronics, packaging and other fields. They have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, and high corrosion resistance, and can meet the requirements of different fields.

Stretched aluminum strips, the process is mainly to make the aluminum strip undergo a series of stretching and annealing treatments to make the aluminum material more compact, and improve the strength, hardness and ductility of the aluminum strip. Stretched aluminum strips are widely used in electronics, electricity, packaging, construction and other fields; they have the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, easy processing and environmental protection. Stretched aluminum strips are often used in conductive materials, art decoration and chemical industries.

Aluminum Strip

1060 Aluminum Strip – 3003 Aluminum Strip – 5052 Aluminum Strip

1060 aluminum strip is pure aluminum strip, and the aluminum content reaches more than 99.6%. 1060 aluminum strip has good processing performance, electrical performance, thermal performance and corrosion resistance. 1060 aluminum strip is widely used in power electronics, lighting, automobiles, communications, cables, instrumentation, construction, decoration, various chemical reaction containers, bottle openers and other fields. 1060 aluminum strip can also be used as connectors, circuits, protective materials, etc. for electronic components in high-frequency capacitors, power tools, railway noise barriers, heating furnaces, home appliances, etc.

3003 aluminum strip is a common aluminum alloy strip, which is mainly composed of aluminum and manganese, with excellent corrosion resistance, good processing performance and weldability. 3003 aluminum strip also has excellent formability and welding performance, is not easy to crack, and can be easily deep drawn and extruded. 3003 aluminum strip is widely used in mold manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, pressure vessels, architectural decoration, pipelines and pressure vessels. In addition, 3003 aluminum strip is also commonly used in the manufacture of various parts such as fuel tanks, radiators, water pipelines, etc., and its application range is very wide.

5052 aluminum strip is a high-strength aluminum alloy strip composed of aluminum, magnesium and a small amount of chromium, manganese and other elements. 5052 aluminum strip has excellent corrosion resistance, ductility, sealability and easy processing. 5052 aluminum strip also has excellent mechanical properties and welding properties, and can be used to manufacture good extrusions, castings and welded parts. 5052 aluminum strip is widely used in the fields of automobiles, aerospace, construction, rail transportation, electronics and electrical appliances. In automobile manufacturing, 5052 aluminum strip can be used to manufacture body panels, covers, door panels, body frames and other parts. In addition, 5052 aluminum strip is also often used in aerospace, construction and metallurgy to manufacture various high-strength, corrosion-resistant, light and easy-to-process building and mechanical products.

Characteristics of 1060 Aluminum Strip – 3003 Aluminum Strip – 5052 Aluminum Strip

  • Lightweight: Aluminum strip is about one-third lighter than steel, making it easier to carry and operate.
  • Good conductivity: Aluminum strip has good conductivity and is widely used in power equipment or transmission lines.
  • Strong corrosion resistance: Aluminum strip has excellent corrosion resistance and can avoid erosion by natural environment and chemical media.
  • Easy to process: Aluminum strip has stable performance, is not easily affected by moisture, and can be easily cut, bent, and processed.
  • Good stability: Aluminum strip has excellent chemical stability and thermal stability, and can maintain long-term stable performance under high temperature or extreme environment.
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable: Aluminum strip can be recycled and reused, has good environmental performance, and meets the social needs of sustainable development.
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