What’s the difference between 3105 and 8011 aluminum sheet plate used in bottle cap material?

2023-07-24 14:26:41

3105 and 8011 are two common aluminum alloys used in the production of bottle caps. Each alloy has its own characteristics and advantages, making them suitable for different applications in the bottle cap manufacturing industry. 3105 aluminum sheet has enough strength, so it is stronger enough to bear the gas pressure, so it is widely used for making screw cap for gas liquid bottle, such as soda water, carbonated wine and champagne. 8011 aluminum sheet is used for ROPP cap, PP cap, roll on pilfer proof cap, aluminum pilfer-proof cap, pilfer proof closure, aluminum bottle cap, aluminum screw cap, tear off caps, flip off caps.Click to Order

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The difference between 3105 and 8011 aluminum sheet plate used in bottle cap material

1.Chemical composition and mechanical properties:

3105 Aluminum plate is an aluminum-manganese alloy, it also contains trace amounts of other elements such as copper, iron, and silicon.

8011 Aluminum plate is an aluminum alloy with elements including aluminum, iron, and silicon. It may also contain small amounts of other elements such as copper and zinc.

Chemical Composition
Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Zn Ti Others Al
3105 ≤0.6 ≤0.7 ≤0.3 0.3-0.8 0.2-0.8 ≤0.40 ≤0.10 ≤0.15 Remainer
8011 0.5-0.9 0.6-1.0 ≤0.10 ≤0.20 ≤0.05 ≤0.10 ≤0.08 ≤0.15 Remainer


Mechanical Properties
Alloy Temper Thickness (mm) Tensile strength (Rm/Mpa) Elongation (%) Earing ratio (%)
3105 H14,H24 0.2-0.5 150-200 2 4
3105 H16,H26 0.2-0.5 175-225 1 4
3105 H18 0.2-0.5 ≥195 1 4
8011 H14 0.15-0.5 125-165 2 3
8011 H16 0.15-0.5 130-165 1 3
8011 H18 0.2-0.5 ≥165 1 3


2.Strength and formability:

3105 Aluminum sheet: This alloy offers relatively high strength and good formability. It can be easily shaped and formed into bottle cap components without cracking or breaking. This alloy can withstand the pressures exerted during the sealing process.

8011 Aluminum sheet: 8011 aluminum plate is not as strong as 3105, is softer and more malleable compared to 3105, providing excellent formability. It can be readily formed into intricate shapes and structures, making it suitable for bottle caps, including embossing and other decorative features.

3.Corrosion resistance:

3105 Aluminum sheet: It provides good corrosion resistance, particularly against atmospheric corrosion. This makes it suitable for bottle caps that may come in contact with moisture or varying environmental conditions. This property ensures the durability and longevity of bottle caps, even when exposed to varying environmental conditions.

8011 Aluminum sheet: It also exhibits good corrosion resistance, including resistance to water and certain chemicals. This property ensures the longevity and integrity of bottle caps. This makes it suitable for bottle caps used in various industries, such as beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

4.Surface finish:

3105 Aluminum sheet: It typically has a plain mill finish, which can be further coated or processed based on specific requirements. Coatings or lacquers can be applied to enhance the appearance and protect against corrosion.

8011 Aluminum sheet: It is commonly used with a pre-coated or lacquered surface finish. This coating improves the sealing properties of bottle caps, ensuring a reliable and airtight seal, while also providing an appealing appearance.

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