What is the price of 5005 aluminum sheet plate for car decoration?

2023-09-05 10:38:59

In recent years, the use of aluminum alloys in automobiles has grown rapidly, and the market has continued to increase. Aluminum alloys are mainly used in automobile bodies, engines, bumpers, wheel hubs, decorative parts, car seats, etc., with good energy-saving and emission-reduction effects, and the advantages of light weight are highlighted.

5005 aluminum sheet plate is an aluminum-magnesium alloy with medium strength and good corrosion resistance. Its strength is similar to that of 3003 aluminum plate, and it also has good weldability and processability. When doing anodic oxidation treatment, the anodized film of 5005 alloy is brighter than the oxide film on 3003 alloy. The anodized film is brighter than the oxide film on 3003 alloy, so it is often used as a decorative material. 5005 aluminum sheet is widely used in cooking utensils, instrument panels, shells and architectural decoration, building materials interior and exterior materials, vehicle interior materials, etc.

The Product Specification of 5005 Aluminum Sheet Plate

Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length (mm) Standard
5005 F,O,H1X,H2X,H3X,H11X 0.10-500 100-2650 500 – 16000 GB/EN/ASTM
Surface Bright finish, Mill finish,Anodized
Package Export packing: wooden pallets with plastics protection
Quantity Have ready stock for most common thickness roll small quantity order are acceptable.
Delivery Terms FOB, CFR, CIF
PaymentTerms L/C, T/T
Remark We can produce as per customers’ special requirements


The Product features of 5005 Aluminum Sheet Plate

  • Good corrosion resistance: 5005 aluminum sheet has strong corrosion resistance, especially in marine environment.
  • Strong weldability: 5005 aluminum plate has good weldability and can be connected by various welding methods.
  • Good machinability: 5005 aluminum plate is easy to process, including cutting, forming, stamping and bending.
  • Good surface treatment: 5005 aluminum sheet is suitable for various surface treatments, such as anodizing, painting, spraying, etc.


The Price of 5005 Aluminum Sheet Plate

The price of Flait Aluminum aluminum sheet is determined according to the price of aluminum ingots and processing fees on the day of delivery. Due to different states and specifications of aluminum sheets, the processing procedures are different, so the processing costs will vary. There are many manufacturers of 5005 aluminum sheets, and the prices of aluminum sheets are also different. Customers can choose suitable products according to their own requirements. If you want to know the current price, feel free to contact us.

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