The difference between 3003 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate

2023-07-13 11:43:36

Introduction of the difference between 3003 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate


Both 3003 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate are aluminum alloy plates, both of which have good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of general atmosphere, water and acid-base media. Both 3003 and 3004 aluminum sheets have good formability and are easy to perform processing operations such as cutting, bending and forming. At the same time, both 3003 and 3004 aluminum plates have good welding performance, and can be connected and assembled by common welding methods.Besides that, there are a few differences between the two.

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Chemical composition of 3003 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate


Alloy Si Fe Cu Zn Mn Mg Al
3003 0.60 0.70 0.05-0.20 0.10 1.0-1.5 Remainder
3004 0.30 0.70 0.25 0.25 1.0-1.5 0.8-1.3 Remainder

3003 aluminum plate: mainly composed of aluminum and a small amount of manganese, and its chemical composition is Al-Mn alloy.

3004 aluminum plate: mainly composed of aluminum, manganese and a small part of magnesium, and its chemical composition is Al-Mn-Mg alloy.

Mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate


Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Mechanical properties
Tensile Strength(Mpa) Yield strength Rp0.2(MPa) Elongation δ10 (%)
3003 H24 1.0-500 145-195 ≥115
3004 O 1.0-500 150-285 1-16

The strength of 3003 aluminum plate is relatively low, which is suitable for some applications that do not require high strength; while 3004 aluminum plate has relatively high strength, and is more suitable for occasions that require higher strength.

Application of 3003 aluminum plate and 3004 aluminum plate


3003 aluminum plate has good anti-rust ability, and is often used in humid environments such as outer packaging, mechanical parts, refrigerators, air-conditioning ventilation ducts, etc. It is also used to manufacture containers, pipes, heat exchangers, decorative panels, etc., and is widely used in construction and manufacturing and electronics industry.

3004 aluminum plate has good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance. Used for processing parts that require good formability, high corrosion resistance and good weldability, often used in the manufacture of food and beverage containers, cans, auto parts, battery housings, etc., especially suitable for strength and durability Fields with high corrosive requirements.

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