Processing technology of 5052 aluminum plate coil

2024-04-02 17:23:49

5052 Aluminum Sheet Plate Coil



Thickness (mm): 0.15-600

Width (mm): 20-2650

Length (mm): According to the requirements

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5052 aluminum sheet plate

5052 aluminum plate coil is a commonly used aluminum alloy material, mainly composed of aluminum, magnesium and other metal elements. Aluminum is the main component of 5052 aluminum alloy, accounting for more than 95%. It is lightweight and has good thermal conductivity. Magnesium is one of the added elements of 5052 aluminum alloy, which can effectively improve the strength and hardness of the alloy while enhancing corrosion resistance. 5052 aluminum plate/coil has good corrosion resistance, weldability, cold workability and medium strength, and is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, transportation, construction and other fields.

Production process of 5052 aluminum plate coil

☆Production process of hot-rolled 5052 aluminum plate

Ingredients → smelting → casting → homogenization treatment → casting and cutting → milling → heating → hot rolling → degradation → stretching → sawing of finished products → inspection

☆Microstructure and properties of hot-rolled 5052 aluminum plate

1. The microstructure of 5052 alloy ingot before and after homogenization treatment (460~470℃, 24h). After homogenization, the dendrite network composition has been partially dissolved, and a large number of phase dispersion particles have precipitated from the α solid solution. The compound is evenly distributed, the grain size is first level, the grains are fine and uniform, there is no microscopic looseness, and the plasticity is significantly increased.

2. The high-temperature instantaneous mechanical properties of the ingot. The plasticity is the highest at 450~480℃, which can achieve the best combination of plastic strength, so the starting temperature of hot rolling can be between 450~480℃.

☆Cold rolled 5052 aluminum plate

5052 aluminum sheet can be obtained into thinner coils after cold rolling. Usually the thickness of 5052 hot rolled slab is 6-8mm, and the minimum thickness is 2.5mm-3.0mm; during the hot rolling process, the temperature drop of the rolled piece is very large, making it difficult to continue hot rolling to a thinner thickness, while cold rolling can easily make the rolled piece continue to become thinner. Usually, cold rolling mills can roll to thickness 0.5-4.5mm, and more advanced cold rolling mills can roll out extra thin plate or thick foils with a thickness of 0.1mm-0.2mm. 5052 cold-rolled aluminum plate has the characteristics of precise size, uniform thickness, good flatness and surface gloss, good product structural properties and high surface quality.      

Applications of 5052 aluminum sheet plate coil

  •  Aerospace field

5052 aluminum alloy has good strength and corrosion resistance, and is widely used in aircraft structural components, fuel tanks, etc. in the aerospace field.

  • Automobile manufacturing field

5052 aluminum sheet plate has good plasticity and weldability, and is suitable for manufacturing automobile bodies, doors and other components.

  •  Construction field

5052 aluminum sheet plate has good corrosion resistance and decorative properties, and is often used to make building exterior wall panels, ceilings, etc.

FAQ of 5052 aluminum plate coil

  •  Surface oxidation

5052 aluminum alloy will undergo surface oxidation after long-term use or exposure to air, which can be treated by cleaning, polishing and other methods.

  •  Welding cracks

5052 aluminum alloy is prone to cracks during the welding process, which can be prevented and treated by controlling welding parameters and adopting appropriate welding processes.

  •  Insufficient strength 

Under certain specific conditions, the strength of 5052 aluminum alloy may not meet the requirements. It can be improved through appropriate heat treatment, alloy element adjustment, etc.


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