Pipe jacketing stucco embossed aluminum coil

2024-03-26 16:29:55

Alloy: 1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3105, 5005, 5052, etc.

Tempers: H14, H16, H24, H26, etc.

Thickness (mm): 0.3mm – 1.5mm

Width (mm): 914mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1219mm, etc.

Length (mm): 50′ (15 meters), 100′ (30 meters), 200′ (60 meters), 300′ (90 meters), Coil (specify lengths), Flat Sheets (cut to length), Cut & Rolled (to specific lengths)

Coil ID (mm): 75mm, 150mm, 305mm, 405mm, 505mm

Coil OD (mm): According to customer requirements

Sample: Available

Pipe jacketing stucco embossed aluminum coil

Pipe jacketing stucco embossed aluminum coil is a commonly used building material used to decorate and protect pipes. It has excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance and is suitable for indoor and outdoor environments. Its unique pattern design can increase the aesthetics of the pipe and provide additional anti-slip functionality. This kind of aluminum coil plate is usually made of high-quality aluminum alloy such as 1060 3003 5052, which is lightweight and high-strength. The design of pipe jacketing stucco embossed aluminum coil is unique, and different patterns and sizes can be customized according to different needs to adapt to the needs of various pipes. It is easy and quick to install and can be directly welded or fixed on the pipe.

Pipe jacketing stucco embossed aluminum coil is widely used in construction, decoration, chemical industry, electric power and other fields. Not only does it provide beauty and protection, it also increases the life and stability of your pipes.

Price calculation method

SMM aluminum ingot price + processing fee + freight = pipe stucco embossed aluminum coil plate price (USD/TON)

Pipe stucco embossed aluminum plate weight (kg) = 0.00271 × thickness × width × length

Advantages of choosing Flait Aluminum pipe jacketing stucco embossed aluminum coil

  • 1.Quality Assurance

The products undergo strict quality control and testing, have good quality assurance. Flait Aluminum has advanced production equipment and technical teams, capable of producing high-quality aluminum jacketing products for pipe insulation to meet the various needs of customers.

  • 2.Price Advantage

We provide more competitive prices to help customers save purchasing costs.

  • 3.Customization Capabilities

We can customize aluminum sheets for pipe insulation in different sizes and shapes according to customer needs, provide personalized solutions, and better meet the requirements of different engineering projects.

  • 4.Service Guarantee

We provide a full range of pre-sales and after-sales services, respond to customer inquiries in a timely manner, provide technical support and solutions, solve problems and provide maintenance support for customers in the after-sales service, and ensure the smooth progress of customers’ purchase and use processes.

How to install stucco embossed aluminum rolls for pipes insulation?

The following are some common installation methods for reference:

1. Direct welding: directly weld the stucco embossed aluminum plate to the pipe. Make sure the surface is clean and use proper welding equipment and techniques to secure the aluminum panels.

2. Bolt fixation: Use bolts and nuts to fix the embossed aluminum plate to the pipe. Pre-drill holes before installation and select the appropriate size and number of bolts for fastening.

3. Fitting installation: Use special adhesive or glue to stick the embossed aluminum roll to the pipe. Make sure the surface is clean and follow the adhesive’s instructions.

During installation, ensure that the embossed aluminum plate is in close contact with the pipe surface to avoid gaps or looseness. Choose the appropriate installation method according to the specific situation, and ensure that the installation process complies with relevant reliable specifications and standards.


Original Source:https://www.flait-aluminum.com/Aluminum-Jacketing-Coil-Roll.html

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