How to choose Battery Shell Foil?

2023-08-07 17:27:05

Battery aluminum foil is one of the base materials for new energy vehicle lithium batteries. Different batteries have different requirements for casing materials. Choosing the right casing foil is crucial to ensure optimal performance and safety. When choosing battery casing foil, we should pay attention to the thickness and strength of the foil. The foil should be able to withstand the mechanical stress the battery may encounter during its lifetime. In addition, the foil should also have good electrical conductivity to facilitate the efficient flow of electrical current. At the same time, the housing foil needs to have good adhesion properties to ensure a good combination with other components.

Series 1 aluminum foil produced by Flait Aluminum, including 1060 aluminum foil,1070 aluminum foil, 1235 aluminum foil, etc. are widely used on aluminum foil for lithium-ion batteries. The product has uniform surface color, clean, flat plate shape, no obvious oil stains; strength > 180Mpa, elongation > 1.5%, wettability > 32 dyne, can effectively Improve the adhesion between the active material and the current collector.

The Product Specification of Battery Shell Foil by Flait Aluminum

Series Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
1*** 106,010,701,235 H18 0.016-0.2 100-1600 C
ID 76mm,152mm
Surface Free of black spot, line mark, creases, clean and smooth, no corrosion stains, wrinkles, and fish tails.
Roll weight 150-400kg or as per customer’s requirement.
Packaging Fumigation free wooden cases(keep us informed if any special requests)


The Advantages of Battery Shell Foil by Flait Aluminum

  • The surface of the aluminum foil is uniform, clean and flat, without obvious roller marks, pits, pinholes and corrosion marks;
  • No rolling defects such as creases, mottling and bright lines on the surface of the aluminum foil;
  • No color difference on the surface of aluminum foil;
  • Surface is free of oil, no serious oil smell, and no oil spots visible to the naked eye.


Why choose Flait Aluminum

  1. Flat Aluminum has advanced production equipment to ensure the excellent quality of aluminum foil products.
  2. Flait Aluminum has a special quality inspection team, which takes pictures of customers before each shipment and makes inspection reports.
  3. The production cycle is short and the battery shell foil is well stocked.
  4. Customized production according to different needs of customers.


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