Clear anodized aluminum: What you need to know

2023-12-12 12:01:54

When people think of anodized aluminum, the first thing that comes to mind is its rich colors. You may be unfamiliar with clear anodizing. Don’t worry, this article will tell you everything you need to know about clear anodized aluminum.

What is clear anodized aluminum?

Clear anodized aluminum

Anodizing is an electrochemical process. Anodized aluminum  is made by putting aluminum into a corresponding electrolyte and electrolyzing it under specific conditions and applied current, thereby forming an oxide film on the surface of the aluminum. It is one of the most common aluminum finishes. During the anodization process, if a color dye is added to the electrolyte, the final oxide layer will show the corresponding color. This is why anodized aluminum comes in a variety of colors. Clear anodized aluminum refers to a product that is anodized but not colored. It ultimately appears as a silver surface, also known as the true color of aluminum.

Advantages of clear anodized aluminum

  • Good corrosion resistance and weather resistance: The oxide film can improve the anti-corrosion performance of the aluminum plate, allowing the aluminum to be exposed to the natural environment for a long time, especially humid and marine atmospheric environments. A thicker oxide film can better prevent corrosion.
  • High strength: Anodizing can improve the surface hardness of aluminum products, making them more resistant to scratches and wear.
  • Strong metallic feel: The clear anodized aluminum has not been colored, and the surface shows the silver color of the aluminum itself, which has an excellent metallic texture.
  • High fire resistance: Anodized aluminum products have excellent fire resistance and can meet Class A fire resistance standards.
  • Compared with colored anodizing, clear anodizing is easier without losing the luster of aluminum.

Applications of clear anodized aluminum

Clear anodized aluminum is widely used. Common products include anodized aluminum plates and anodized aluminum coils. They are widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft and automobile parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, machine casings, lighting fixtures, and consumer products. Electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, interior decoration, signs, furniture, automobile decoration and other industries.

Which aluminum alloys are suitable for clear anodizing?

Different trace elements have different effects on the anodizing effect. Pure aluminum plates coils have the best oxidation effect. Zinc element is the chemical component that has the greatest impact on the anodizing effect, so the anodizing effect of the 7 series is poor. Generally, the anodizing effect decreases in the following order: 1*** alloy > 5*** alloy > 6*** alloy > 3*** alloy > 2*** alloy > 7*** alloy. Commonly used anodized aluminum sheets coils are: 1060 anodized aluminum plate sheet coil, 3003 anodized aluminum plate sheet coil, 5052 anodized aluminum plate sheet coil, etc.

Clear anodized aluminum FAQ

A: What is the price comparison between clear anodized aluminum and colored anodized aluminum?

Q: Because clear anodized aluminum does not require coloring, the manufacturing process is simple, and the technology is more mature, so the price is cheaper than colored anodized aluminum.

A: What types of aluminum can be clear anodized?

Q: Whether it is aluminum plate, aluminum coil, or aluminum strip, it can be clear anodized.

A: Where can I purchase clear anodized aluminum products?

Q: Flait Aluminum is a professional anodized aluminum sheet coil supplier. We can supply anodized aluminum sheets coils of different brands in 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series. The product quality is reliable and the price is favorable. Please contact us if you need it.Click to Order


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