5052 Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Interior Decoration

2023-08-16 11:31:53

The improvement of modern people’s aesthetics and quality of life makes the choice of interior decoration no longer limited to traditional materials. As a new type of environmentally friendly material, aluminum veneer is chosen by more and more people. 5052 anodized aluminum plate has become the material of choice among aluminum sheets because of its excellent performance and appearance.

5052 Anodized Aluminum Sheet for Interior Decoration

Specifications of 5052 Anodized aluminum sheet for interior decoration

Alloy 5052 anodized aluminumsheet
Temper H32,H34,H36,H38,etc.
Thickness(mm) 0.3-3.0
Width(mm) 1220mm / 1250mm / 1310mm / 1520mm
Length(mm) According to customer needs
Surface Finish Satin Finish / Brush Finish / Emboss Finish / Sand Finish
Anodic Film indoor use 3-10μm ;outdoor use 15-25μm
Color Multiple Color Choices
Standard GB/T 3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209, or according to customer’s special requirements.


Advantages of 5052 Anodized aluminum sheet for interior decoration

  • Good processability: the anodized aluminum plate can be easily bent and formed for continuous high-speed stamping without complicated surface treatment.
  • Good weather resistance: the anodized aluminum plate with standard thickness oxide film (3μm) does not change color, does not corrode, does not oxidize, and does not rust after long-term indoor use.
  • Beautiful: The surface of the anodized aluminum plate is smooth, and there are many colors to choose from.
  • Strong stain resistance: no fingerprints, no stains, easy to clean, no corrosion spots.
  • Fire prevention: metal products, no paint and any chemical substances on the surface, no burning at 600 degrees, no toxic gas.


Application of 5052 Anodized aluminum sheet for interior decoration

  • Wall panels and cladding: Anodized aluminum sheets can be used for decorative wall panels, adding a modern and sleek touch to interior spaces.
  • Ceilings: Anodized aluminum sheets can be used for suspended ceilings or decorative ceiling tiles, contributing to a visually appealing interior design.
  • Signage: Anodized aluminum is an excellent material for indoor signage and wayfinding elements, offering durability and customization options.
  • Room dividers and partitions: Anodized aluminum can be used to create decorative room dividers or partitions, adding both functionality and style to interior spaces.


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