Application of high precision 5083 cast aluminum plate in ship hull structure

2024-03-19 15:19:35

High precision 5083 cast aluminum plate is a high-strength (without heat treatment) machined aluminum plate. It has a precise surface, ultra-high flatness and excellent machinability and weldability. It also has the excellent corrosion resistance of 5083 aluminum plate. and adaptability to the marine environment. The vertical casting technology is used to make the product itself very dense, while eliminating internal stress and maintaining the aluminum plate with excellent dimensional stability and resistance to deformation, making it suitable for various high-precision applications.

High precision 5083 cast aluminum plates are widely used in automobiles, ships, subways and aviation fields. This article will show you its characteristics and uses as a marine aluminum plate.

Features of high precision 5083 cast aluminum plate

  • High strength, seawater corrosion resistance and good oxidation resistance.
  • Excellent processability, easy to form and weld.
  • No internal stress, the plate size is stable.
  • The surface of the plate has been precision milled and the surface quality is excellent.
high precision 5083 cast aluminum plate

Application of high precision 5083 cast aluminum plate in ship hull structure

  • Hull shell. Because it has excellent corrosion resistance and strength, it can withstand corrosion in seawater environments and bear the stress and pressure in the water.
  •  Ship deck. Its high strength and lightweight properties can increase load-carrying capacity and reduce overall weight.
  •  Ship cabin. It can provide good sealing and waterproof performance for the cargo compartment, passenger compartment and engine room, resist corrosion, and adapt to harsh marine environments.
  •  Ship accessories. It can be used in some small ship parts to meet the requirements of light weight, high strength and corrosion resistance.


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