8011 aluminum foil for beer seal aluminum foil

2023-11-02 10:37:32

8011 Aluminum foil for beer sealing The excellent sealing strength of aluminum foil enables it to successfully prevent air from entering, which is crucial for maintaining the quality of beer. The 8011 aluminum foil produced by our company has good moisture-proof, light-proof and aroma-blocking properties, and can maintain the integrity of beer for a long time. Sufficient supply welcome to buy.

8011 aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures and is suitable for hot filling, sterilization and other processes. 8011 aluminum has a smooth surface and is easy to print, which is conducive to beer brand promotion and product information display. The foil is flexible and can be processed into the desired shape. It also has excellent tear resistance.

8011 aluminum foil for beer seal aluminum foil

Specification of 8011 Aluminum Foil for Beer Seal Aluminum Foil

Alloy 8011
Temper O
Thickness(mm) 0.006-0.0115
Width(mm) >300
Elongation (%) 2-2.5
Tensile Strength 80-90N/mm²
ID 76mm, 152mm, 408mm, 508mm or customized
Surface Mill finish, coated


 Features of 8011 Aluminum Foil for Beer Seal Aluminum Foil

  • Moisture-proof performance: 8011 aluminum foil has good moisture-proof properties, preventing liquid leakage and preventing external moisture from entering the bottle.
  • Sealing performance: 8011 aluminum foil has a high degree of sealing, which can effectively prevent beer from coming into contact with air and avoid oxidation reactions.
  • Printing performance: 8011 aluminum foil has a smooth surface and is suitable for various printings, including trademarks, patterns, etc., which is beneficial to the beauty of the product and brand promotion.
  • Cutting performance: Aluminum foil can be cut precisely into the required shape and size to perfectly fit the beer bottle mouth.
  • Heat resistance: Aluminum foil can withstand high temperatures, which is required for both sealing and high-temperature sterilization processes.
  • Safety performance: Aluminum is a harmless metal that is safe to come into contact with food and beverages, and no toxic or harmful substances will leach into the product.

beer seal aluminum foil beer seal aluminum foil

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