6061 aluminum plate for ship deck

2023-07-26 17:46:17

6061 aluminum plate for ship deck can resist the wear and scratches caused by ship hulls in the ocean and port operations. This allows the boat deck to remain smooth and beautiful for a long time and alleviates the need for maintenance and repairs. Due to the harsh marine environment in which ships work, 6061 aluminum plates can resist corrosion in seawater and humid environments. This allows the boat deck to be used in harsh marine environments for extended periods of time without being easily damaged.

6061 aluminum plate for ship deck required structural support and load-bearing capacity. This helps increase the overall strength and stability of the hull, allowing it to withstand the vibrations and external pressures of sailing. Reduce the overall weight of the hull and improve the ship’s carrying capacity, fuel efficiency and maneuverability. Lower density 6061 aluminum sheets perform very well

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Specification of 6061 Aluminum Plate for Ship Deck

Alloy 6061
Temper O,T4,T6,T651
Thickness (mm) ≤60
Width (mm) ≤3100
Length (mm) 1000-16000
Certification DNV, GL, ABS, CCS, BV, LR

Chemical Composition

Alloy Si Fe Cu Mn Mg Cr Ni Zn Ti Zr
6061 0.40-0.80 0.70 0.15-0.40 0.15 0.80-1.20 0.04-0.35 0.25 0.15

Mechanical Properties

Alloy Temper Tensile strength Rm (Mpa) Yield strength Rp0.2 (MPa) Elongation A(%)
6061 T6 ≥260 ≥240 ≥9
T651 ≥290 ≥240 ≥9


Features of 6061 Aluminum Plate for Ship Deck

  • Easy to process: 6061 aluminum plate is easy to cut, punch, bend and form, so it can be customized according to design requirements, adapting to ship decks of different shapes and sizes.
  • Good thermal conductivity: 6061 aluminum plate has excellent thermal conductivity and can quickly dissipate heat, ensuring that the surface temperature of the ship deck is not too high, improving the comfort of passengers and crew.
  • Recyclable: Aluminum is a recyclable material that can reduce waste of resources and meet the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development.


Application of 6061 Aluminum Plate for Ship Deck 

  • 6061 aluminum plate is widely used on the deck of merchant ships, including cargo ships, fishing boats, yachts, etc. It is light in weight and corrosion-resistant, which can improve the carrying capacity, sailing speed and service life of ships.
  • Warships and marine engineering vessels have high requirements on strength and must withstand the test of complex marine environments and severe weather. 6061 aluminum plate can meet these requirements and provide a stable and safe deck.
  • For cruise ships and cruise ships, comfort and appearance are also important considerations. The 6061 aluminum plate can easily create a flat and beautiful deck, providing excellent experience and visual effects.


Original Source: https://www.flait-aluminum.com/Marine-grade-aluminum-sheet.html

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