5052 aluminum plate for door panels

2023-07-25 11:45:38

With the development of the times and the advancement of material science and technology, more and more families choose to replace the previous steel and wooden doors with aluminum alloy doors. Aluminum alloy door panels generally use 5052 aluminum plate. As a representative alloy of the 5000 series, 5052 aluminum plates are widely used in various thickness fields, and door panels are one of its thin-plate applications.

Specifications of 5052 aluminum plate for door panels


Alloy 5052,5M52
Temper H112
Thickness(mm) 3-20
Width(mm) 500-2500
Length(mm) 500-12000
Standard GB/T 3880, EN14286, EN485, ASTM B209, or according to customer’s special requirements.


Advantages of 5052 aluminum plate for door panels


  • The 5052 aluminum plate contains alloying elements such as magnesium and chromium, which has excellent corrosion resistance, and the door panel can still maintain stability without deformation in wet, rainy and corrosive environments.
  • The 5052 aluminum plate has high tensile strength and yield strength, and the door panel has a solid structure and can withstand certain loads and impacts.
  • The 5052 aluminum plate is easy to process and form, and door manufacturers can produce door panels of various shapes, sizes and designs according to customer needs.
  • Compared with other metals, aluminum alloy is a light material, and the aluminum alloy door panel made is relatively light, which is convenient for handling, installation and use.
  • 5052 aluminum alloy can obtain rich and varied colors and surface effects through surface treatment technologies such as anodizing.
  • The 5052 aluminum plate has excellent oxidation resistance and can resist unfavorable climatic factors such as ultraviolet rays, high temperature and severe cold, so that the door panel can maintain stability under various climatic conditions.


Application of 5052 aluminum plate for door panels


In addition to being used for door panels, 5052 aluminum alloy sheets are widely used in automotive aluminum alloys, 3C products, computer brackets, high-end curtain wall panels, high-end oxide materials, cans/lids, shutters, trolley cases, aluminum furniture, signs, decorations, etc.

5052 medium thick aluminum plate for car shell door panels

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