3003 H14 Aluminum Plate for Lithium Battery Shell

2023-07-18 17:46:25

The battery case is the bearing part of the new energy vehicle power battery, which is mainly used to protect the lithium battery from being damaged when it is impacted or squeezed by the outside world. It is particularly important for the safety and service life of the power battery to choose a good quality power battery case material and select the packaging process according to the characteristics of the case material. 3003 H14 aluminum plate has both strength and machinability, which makes it very suitable for forming processes such as deep drawing, and can be stretched and formed at one time when used as a battery case.

Specifications of 3003 H14 Aluminum Plate for Lithium Battery Shell

Alloy 3003
Temper H14
Thickness(mm) 0.8-3.0
Width(mm) C
Length(mm) C
Standard GB/EN/ASTM


Advantages of 3003 H14 Aluminum Plate for Lithium Battery Shell

  • The 3003 H14 aluminum plate has medium strength and can provide good structural support to protect the internal battery components.
  • 3003 H14 aluminum plate has good plasticity and formability, and can manufacture complex battery case shapes through various processing techniques.
  • The 3003 H14 aluminum plate has excellent corrosion resistance, performs well in humid or high temperature environments, and can effectively prevent external environment from damaging the battery.
  • Compared with other metal materials, the aluminum plate has a lower density, which can reduce the weight of the battery case and improve the energy density and battery life of the battery pack.


Use of 3003 H14 Aluminum Plate

In addition to being used as a lithium battery casing, 3003 H14 Aluminum Plate is often used in the following places:

  • Automobile parts: The light weight and good strength of aluminum sheet make it an ideal choice in the automobile manufacturing industry. 3003 H14 aluminum sheet is often used to manufacture automobile hoods, doors, roofs and other components.
  • Pressure Vessels: Due to the high strength and corrosion resistance of 3003 H14 aluminum sheet, it is often used to manufacture pressure vessels, such as gas storage tanks and chemical containers.
  • Decorative material: 3003 H14 aluminum plate has good appearance and excellent corrosion resistance, so it is often used in interior decoration, building facade and furniture manufacturing.

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