What is the difference between anodized aluminum sheet coil and ordinary aluminum sheet coil?

2023-07-25 09:37:08

Anodized Aluminum is a surface treatment technology, usually used for aluminum products, which is to soak ordinary aluminum sheet coils in electrolyte, and then make it oxidize by applying electric current. The oxide film produced during this process will cover the surface of the aluminum product and be evenly distributed throughout the surface. After anodized aluminum sheet coil, the product performance and characteristics are very different.

The specific differences are as follows:

1.Surface treatment: The most obvious difference is that anodized aluminum sheet coils are anodized, while ordinary aluminum sheet coils are not. Anodizing is a technique in which an oxide film is formed on the aluminum surface through an electrolytic process. This oxide film provides additional protection and improves the properties of the aluminum surface.

2.Corrosion resistance: Anodized aluminum sheet coils have better corrosion resistance due to the presence of an oxide film, which can better withstand humid and corrosive environments.

3.Surface Hardness: The surface hardness of the anodized aluminum sheet coil is higher, because the oxide film is a hard ceramic layer, which makes it have better wear resistance and scratch resistance in some specific applications.

4.Appearance: Anodized aluminum sheet coils have more appearance options because the oxide film can be formed in different colors. Regular aluminum sheet coils usually don’t have this colored look option.

5.Conductivity: Ordinary aluminum sheet coils usually have better conductivity because it has no oxide film to impede the flow of current. The anodizing treatment will reduce the conductivity to a certain extent, because the oxide film is an insulator.

6.Application: Anodized aluminum sheet coils are widely used in fields that require good corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance and specific decoration, such as building exterior walls, interior decoration, electronic product casings, etc. Ordinary aluminum sheet coils are more suitable for the manufacture of aluminum products with some general requirements. 

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