What is anodized aluminum sheet?

2023-06-28 10:28:44

Anodized aluminum plate, also known as anti-rust aluminum plate, is a process of forming a hard and uniform aluminum oxide layer by electrochemically oxidizing the aluminum surface, which is very common in the aluminum product manufacturing industry. The manufacturing process of anodized aluminum sheet is simple but effective, improving the hardness, corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity of aluminum, making it more durable and suitable for various industrial and consumer applications.

The biggest feature of the anodized aluminum plate is that it has a uniform and fine aluminum oxide layer on the surface. This layer of film can reach a thickness of several microns to tens of microns without damaging the brightness of the aluminum surface. The aluminum oxide layer is formed by applying an electric current to the aluminum material and immersing it in an acidic electrolyte to form an aluminum oxide layer on the anode. This layer of aluminum oxide film has high wear resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation properties, which can prevent the aluminum material from being corroded by external oxygen, water, salt, etc., thereby prolonging the service life of aluminum products.Click to Order

Feature of anodized aluminum sheet

  • High corrosion resistance: Anodized aluminum plate increases the corrosion resistance of aluminum by forming an aluminum oxide layer. The alumina layer has good acid and alkali resistance, salt corrosion resistance and atmospheric oxidation resistance, which prevents the aluminum material from being corroded by external factors such as oxygen, water and salt, and prolongs its service life.
  • High hardness: The aluminum oxide layer of the anodized aluminum plate has a high hardness, which far exceeds the hardness of the original aluminum material. This makes the anodized aluminum plate more resistant to scratches and abrasions, increasing its service life in various fields.
  • Good insulation performance: the aluminum oxide layer of the anodized aluminum plate has good insulation performance, which can effectively block the passage of current and reduce the loss. This makes the anodized aluminum plate widely used in fields requiring insulation protection such as electronics and electrical equipment, which improves the stability and safety of the equipment.
  • Strong decoration: the aluminum oxide layer of the anodized aluminum plate can be decorated by dyeing, spraying, etc., which enriches its appearance. The aluminum oxide layer can present a variety of colors, making anodized aluminum sheets widely used in architectural decoration, household items and other fields.
  • Wide adaptability: Anodized aluminum sheets can be made into different shapes and specifications according to different needs, suitable for a variety of industrial and consumer applications. For example, fields such as aircraft, automobiles, and electronic products require materials with high hardness and corrosion resistance, while fields such as radiators and heat exchangers require materials with excellent thermal conductivity.


    Application of anodized aluminum sheet 

    • In the construction industry, it is often used as decorative and structural materials such as curtain walls, ceilings, and balcony handrails.
    • It is often used in heat sinks, circuit boards and other components in electronic and electrical equipment.
    • Anodized aluminum sheets are also widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, household products and other fields.


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