What is 6061 T651 Aluminum?

2024-03-26 11:59:35

We know that each aluminum alloy has different alloy states and corresponds to different grades. This is where the diversity of aluminum alloys lies. 6061 T651 aluminum is a commonly used heat treatment state of 6061 aluminum. It represents pre-stretching and artificial aging treatment on the basis of 6061 T6 aluminum, achieving a state in which the internal stress of the aluminum is eliminated.

Before that, let’s first understand the basic knowledge of 6061 aluminum plate.

6061 T651 aluminum

6061 aluminum plate is one of the most versatile heat-treatable aluminum alloys. It has good corrosion resistance, good weldability, good machinability and mild formability. The states of 6061 aluminum alloy include O, H112, T4, T6, T651, etc. 6061 T6 and 6061 T651 are the two most commonly used states. 6061 T6 represents the state that the 6061 aluminum plate reaches after only heat treatment. At this time, the internal stress of the aluminum plate is relatively large and the flatness is average. This is mainly reflected in the deformation of the aluminum plate due to external forces during cutting and processing. By pre-stretching the 6061 T6 aluminum plate, the residual internal stress of the 6061 T6 aluminum plate can be eliminated, which can effectively prevent the deformation and surface inequality of the aluminum plate. At this time, the aluminum plate is in the 6061 T651 state.

Features of 6061 T651 aluminum

6061 T651 aluminum plate has the characteristics of high strength, strong corrosion resistance, good weldability, good oxidation and coloring effect, and good processing performance. By eliminating internal stress, its surface finish is further improved and its mechanical properties are stronger.

Mechanical properties of 6061 T651 aluminum

Alloy-Temper:6061 T651

Elongation at Break, %:9

Fatigue Strength, MPa:100

Shear Strength, MPa:170

Tensile Strength: Ultimate (UTS), MPa:290

Tensile Strength: Yield (Proof), MPa:270

Application of 6061 T651 aluminum

6061 T651 Aluminum is one of the most versatile of all aluminum alloys due to its clean surface finish and good mechanical properties. This grade is used in a variety of products and applications, including transportation hardware, marine hardware, building structures (structural siding, framing, heavy structural components), aerospace parts, welding and machining.


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