The process of anodized aluminum sheet coil

2023-12-25 16:27:06

Anodizing is an electrochemical surface treatment process that can be used on aluminum and other metals to increase their corrosion resistance and hardness. Aluminum is the most common metal that can be anodized. Anodized aluminum sheets, aluminum coils and aluminum profiles are not only more resistant to wear and corrosion, but also more beautiful and can be used in more decorative applications.

Flait Aluminum is a professional anodized aluminum sheet coil manufacturer that produces and supplies 1 series, 3 series, 5 series and 6 series anodized aluminum sheets and aluminum coils of various specifications and grades. Combined with our daily production process, I will show you how the anodizing process is performed.

The anodizing process can be roughly divided into 6 parts: pretreatment, anodizing, adding color (if necessary), sealing, cleaning, and inspection.

The process of anodized aluminum sheet coil

Process of Anodized aluminum sheet coil

1. Pretreatment: Before anodizing, the aluminum alloy material needs to be cleaned to remove impurities such as surface oil, dust, and oxides. The cleaning process is usually carried out using alkaline or acidic solutions. At the same time, excess burrs must be removed, and uneven surfaces must be ground or polished to improve the surface finish after anodization.

2. Anodizing treatment: By controlling the constant current and voltage of the aluminum alloy material in the electrolytic bath, an oxide layer is formed on the metal surface, and finally a uniform oxide film is formed.

3. Add color (if desired): Anodized aluminum panels can be dyed if desired. The aluminum sheet is immersed in dye solutions of different colors, and the dye solution is absorbed into the pores of the oxide layer to obtain different colors. The color of the metal can be fine-tuned by the length of dip coating, varying the thickness of the oxide layer and electrolytic coloring.

4. Sealing treatment: Put the anodized aluminum material into a sealing agent for sealing treatment to improve the sealing and corrosion resistance of the oxide film.

5. Cleaning: Clean the sealed aluminum material to remove the sealing agent and residue.

6. Inspection: Conduct appearance inspection, thickness detection, etc. on the anodized aluminum alloy to ensure the quality of the oxide layer meets the requirements.

The above is the process of anodizing aluminum sheet coil. Anodizing treatment improves the material properties of aluminum sheets coils and provides a more beautiful surface, making the product more widely used. Flait Aluminum is committed to providing high-quality products and services, can customize production according to customer needs, and can also provide you with professional product consulting services. Welcome to contact us!Click to Order

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